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Narrator's P.O.V
After hearing gasps from the other parents and from some of the children even, Taehyung sighed as he stood up and turned to everyone there and said;

"Everyone.. please leave the room. I need to be alone with my son."

All the staff nodded as they took their children and left the room, and after sitting down next to his son, Taehyung carefully picked him up and sat his son down in his lap and as his cries became less and less frequent... Taehyung turned him so that now they were facing next to each other and after wiping his little nose with a handkerchief, Taeyung whispered;

"I'm mad at you Appa."



"Baby bear.. why are you mad at Appa?"

Taehyung asked again and again, all he got fir an answer was pure  silence so after he had tried figuring out what to do next, he got a call and after checking to see who is it was, he answered it;

"What is it Jimin?"

"You're not coming in for that interview with Mr. Chang.. right?"

"No, I can't. Just tell him to come by tomorrow or.. you know.. just give me his number later and tell him that I'll give him a call."

"Got it."

After Taehyung hung up the phone, he turned it off and waited for a few minutes before sitting next to Taeyung and asking;

"Baby bear.. please me what's wrong?"

And thankfully he responses with something that left Taehyung a bit speechless;

"You never told me who Kim Seon-mi was.."

After about a minute, he quietly tried to say;

"She was no one-"

But of course Taeyung cut him off;

"If she was no one then why was she calling you for dinner? W-Why was her number in your phone?"

"Let's not talk about this now-"

"You always ignore what I'm saying-"

"No I'm not I just..."

Suddenly, Taehyung paused as he finally decided to tell his son more about his real mother and after a while, he quietly said;

"Kim Seon-mi.. was an old friend of mine... and your Eomma's."


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