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Narrator's P.O.V
After hearing the elderly man's question, Yn scoffed as she said;

"I'm sorry but how can you both come over to my home and start bombarding me with nonsense like this-- In fact.. should I be asking you two that question. Who the hell are you and why are you here?"

"We're Taehyung's parents."

Suddenly a look of shock and horror fell on Yn's face as she gasps and quickly asks;

"You're..  you're his In Laws?!"

However Taehyung's parents weren't amuses by ber reaction as Taehyung's Mother in Law only glares at Yn as she corrects her by saying;

"Parents. Just because my daughter is dead doesn't mean that he's not our son."

Now knowing that she had to lie, Yn quickly bowed down and apologized;

"I'm sorry for my behavior just now.."

But she awkwardly paused as she lifted her head and as them both;

"Um.. but why are you here-"

"You never answered my question girl! Who are you?!"

Taehyung's Father in Law said with a suspicious tone in his voice,


Suddenly Yn paused as she knew that revealing the truth would only cause even more problems so after a moment, she quickly said;

"I'm the maid of this home. Now I'm sorry but Mr. Kim is not home-"

"That's alright, we can wait for him inside."

And the second the couple took a step forward to go inside, Yn quickly raised her arms and completely blocked the front door as she quickly said in a panic;

"Wait! You can't go inside!"

"And why not?!"

Taehyung's Mother in Law demanded to know and Yn bit her lip nervously before saying;

"Because.. it's REALLY messy and I was just about to clean when you two showed up."

"Please.. just give me some time and I'll have everything ready for your stay."

She quickly says with a bow and after she ifted her head, Taehyung's father in law just lifted his eyebrow unimpressed and just said;

"Well hurry up then, my wife and I are tired from the long drive here."

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