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"Bada, bada, what the fuck?"

THE GROUP WERE NOW gathered around the huge rock which Eddie had been hiding out at. Fiona sat beside Eddie who was crouching as everyone else stood, minus Dustin who was busy pacing. Eddie was busy telling the story about what had happened.

"When I got to shore, I tried calling you guys, but, uh..." The boy took a big swig of the alcoholic drink which sat in his hand before continuing, "My walkie was busted, man. Drenched."

"So, uh, I did the thing that I do now, apparently. I ran." Eddie chuckled with a small smile, shrugging his shoulders.

"Do you know what time this was? The attack?" Nancy asked curiously, Eddie nodding his head. "Yeah, I know exactly what time it was." Eddie then proceeded to take off his watch and hand it over to Nancy. "My walkie wasn't the only thing that got soaked."

"9:27." Nancy read out the numbers on the watch, Fiona furrowing her brows. "That's the same time our flashlights went all weird and shit."

"Which means what, exactly?" Steve asked, clearly confused. "It means I was right. And that you should listen to me because I probably got everything else right too." Fiona shrugged.

"It means that the surge of energy was Vecna attacking Patrick." Nancy told Steve, Fiona shrugging once again, "As I said. I was right and you should listen to me more often." Fi spoke with a grin, Eddie turning his head so he was now looking at her, also with a grin.

"Well, we're one step closer. We know how Vecna attacks." Robin told everyone who was gathered around. "And where he attacks from." Lucas added.

"So, now we just need to sneak into his lair in the Upside Down and drive a stake through his heart." Max spoke with a shrug of her shoulders.

"A stake? We're not killing Dracula here." Fiona reminded them, Steve nodding his head in agreement. "It was a metaphor." Max told the two causing Fiona to scrunch her brows.

"What's a metaphor?" Fi quietly asked Eddie, leaning closer to the boy as she did. "You don't know what a metaphor is?" Eddie whispered back, the girl shaking her head in response.

"A bullet should work on him, right?" Eddie then asked, looking back over to the group.

"I say we chop his head off." The Sinclair boy shrugged, Fiona nodding very much liking his suggestion more than anyone else's.

"Or you know, I could do a bit of telekinesis on him or whatever." Fiona shrugged, Eddie then pointing over at the girl. "I'm with Fi, seems like the best suggestion."

"All of the above, but we can't do any of that 'til we find a way into the Upside Down." Nancy reminded them all, crossing her arms whilst doing so.

"We need El to get her powers back." Max groaned with a roll of her eyes. "Everything was way easier." Steve also complained.

"We had this other girl. She also had super powers." Steve began explaining to Eddie. "Superpowers. Yeah, you mentioned her." Eddie nodded.

"I mean, I'm still here. I still have my powers." Fiona reminded the group with a frown. "I played a big part in killing the Mind Flayer, remember?" Fiona once again reminded them.

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