Chapter 22 • Kidnapped

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Sebastian Knight

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Sebastian Knight

After making sure that Rosa fell asleep, I walked out of the house before getting inside my car. I have received that someone was sneaking into our warehouse so here I am, leaving my house, my love, my daughter to deal with this bullshit.

"How many fucking times do you have to call me? I said I'm on my way" I groan answering Alejandro's call, "Seb, Uhm..." He sighed and I ran my hand through my face letting out a sigh, "Just spit it out"

"It's your m-mother" My car stops halfway as I frown, "What?" I nearly whisper, "Her name is Liliana Miller, the same name as your mother and she says that she wants to talk to you"

"Shit" I groan slamming my head against the steering wheel, "Yup" Alejandro sighs, and I ran a hand through my face not knowing what to do, "Is she tied up?" I asked, "Si" Alejandro replies and I closed my eyes.

Good, I don't know her nor trust her.

"I'm coming, keep an eye on her" I state as I started speeding up towards the warehouse, "Okay, but be quick cause I really don't want to deal with her voice, it's annoying" I could hear mumbles and screams in the call and I just rolled my eyes.

I ended the call and started focusing on the road as my mind drifted to what happened a few hours ago. Jesus, she fucking tied me up to the bed...and I still ask myself why I get obsessed with her.

Opening the cell door, I stepped inside the cold room and my eyes scanned the woman who was tied up in the wooden chair, when she heard my footsteps she snapped her head towards me and her eyes grew wide as she looked at my tall figure.

I clenched my jaw when I see my mother, and I'm sure that she is my mother because she looks exactly the same as the picture I saw of her.

"S-Sebastian?" She nearly whispers as if she was in shock, "What do you want?" I asked in a ruthless voice, hating the fact that I'm not with Rosa and Maddy right now.

"I'm s-sorry, I know what I d-did wa-" She tried talking but I cut her off, "Cut the act and tell me what you fucking want" I grit as my hands curled into fists.

"I'm n-not acting Seb, I wa-" I cut her off, "Sebastian" I clenched my jaw as my eyes narrowed at her, why did she decide to show up right now? I just started being happy with my life.

"Sebastian, just listen to me, please" She begs with tears in her eyes and I sigh, giving her a nod to start talking.

"You need to go back to your house, I just wanted to talk to you, not to come all the way here because he will get her" My body immediately tensed as my eyes winded.

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