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Adrien buried his nose further into Marinette's silky hair, inhaling the familiar scent of his peppermint shampoo. His green eyes landed on the creamy patch of skin that occupied her shoulder, glowing in the sunlight that peeked through his dorm room window.

His masculine hands tightened around her small body, her face pressed against his chest. She was still sleeping, and he wondered if she'd let him get away with this if she wasn't unconscious. They seemed to have naturally come closer to each other during the night, and ended up entangled when the blonde woke up.

Her dainty hands pressed against his bare smooth and caramel skin, her manicured nails lingering on his bicep. He could feel the soft fabric of his favorite t-shirt that she was currently wearing shift as the petite woman snuggled up against him. His lithe fingers gripped onto the delicate fabric, pulling her closer.

He felt her soft breasts underneath his thin t-shirt press against his abs, her smooth legs entangled with his own. He felt her eyelashes flutter against his skin when she awoke, opening her beautiful blue bell eyes and peering up at the blonde. "Adrien..." She whispered through her pink lips- and his name had never sounded sweeter.

"What is it?" He asked softly, offering her a genuine smile. It was only in times like this that he could forget about the constant feeling of emptiness. The unforgettable moments he spent with Marinette effortlessly pushed away his lonely and unwelcoming thoughts. Moments like this where he didn't have to fake a smile, and he was able to slip past the numbing void in his heart.

"Nothing... I just wanted to say your name." She spoke gently, his chest seeming to ache. It felt good, but also scared the hell out of him because he realized that he never wanted to lose her. It was terrifying because he knew that if he lost her everything else meant nothing. He didn't want to lose her.

He suddenly clung to the woman tighter, he and never been so attached to a girl he hadn't even shared intimacy with. Yet here she was, wearing his shirt, in his arms, and witnessing his bed head. He had never talked about his mother to anyone except her, and opening up to her had been relieving and petrifying at the same time.

It was rather confusing.

"I like my name when you say it." Adrien spoke softly, noticing the soft blush that dusted her cheeks. She looked up at him through her long eyelashes, and he was sunk into a sea of blue once more. It made him shiver at the tension. He hadn't kissed Marinette since the hot springs, so he hoped there wouldn't be any interruptions this time.

He leaned in, her head tilting towards his face when she finally gave in. His nose brushed against hers but before he could lean in any further Marinette's phone began to ring on the nightstand. She groaned before escaping his embrace to see who it was, Adrien clearly disappointed.

It was Luka... Man he had bad timing.

She quickly sent him a text saying she couldn't talk right now, and felt the bed move when Adrien left to the bathroom. Luka sent her a message saying he'd call her later to which she replied with a smiley face emoji. She set the phone down, and gasped softly when she felt bristles run through her hair.

She then noticed the slight reflection of Adrien sitting behind her, brushing her hair. A small smile curled on her pink lips, resting her hands on her thighs as she sat at the edge of the bed and swayed her feet back and forth. It was a sweet gesture, one that meant a lot even though it seemed insignificant.

He continued to run the bristles of the brush through her hair, even when it was perfectly untangled. It was calming and soothing to the both of them. "You know your hair is black, but has a blue tint when it's in the right light..." Adrien said, almost as if it was a question. Marinette giggled, "Yeah, I get it from my mom. She has blue-black hair too."

Marinette awkwardly played with her thin fingers, pretending to be interested in her cuticles. "You look a lot like your mother, Adrien." She said softly, and the brush paused in her hair. He seemed to freeze at the mention of her, and the bluenette turned around to face him. He offered her a weak smile, and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

He gleefully accepted her embrace, seeming more comfortable with her about the topic. He had never let anyone see him the way she did last night, not even his father. "She would've like you, Marinette." The blonde spoke, brushing a loose strand of her hair behind her ear. He cupped the side of her face, and she leaned into his lightly callused hand.

Her soft fingers brushed against his bicep, noticing the way the muscle flexed when he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He didn't lose eye contact with her, remaining the same proximity from her as he swiftly eased her onto his bed. Her hair splayed against the sheets and her back pressing into the mattress. He didn't understand how she was capable of such profound beauty.

Now her hands were placed on the sides of his face, lightly tracing his jaw as she peered into his gorgeous green eyes. Her heart was racing, wondering what his next move was. She was scared because she knew that she would let him get away with anything he wanted to do to her right now.

Her lips parted when he pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead, his lips lingering on the skin he pecked.


"We're still on for tomorrow, right Marinette?" Luka asked over the phone, seeming unsure. The bluenette hummed, "I promise I'd help you and give you constructive criticism. My schedule for tomorrow is completely cleared." She stated proudly, and she heard him chuckle over the other line.

"Sounds great, I can't wait Marinette."

The smile on her face slowly faded when she felt a pang of guilt in her chest. She pictured Adrien, holding her in his arms just this morning. She remembered how she felt when he was with that girl at the bar, whispering dirty things into her hear.
Why did she feel guilty about seeing Luka? Her and Adrien weren't together, and didn't owe each other loyalty.

She cleared her throat, discarding her seemingly unreasonable thoughts. "Yup. I'll see you tomorrow."


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