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The day Lin Juexiao received Zhou Jinye's thunderstorm, the summer heat spread on the ground, and was broken and glued by the pouring rain, and the heat turned into hot flashes.

    The weather outside was like the feeling of dampness in the house. Lin Juexiao held a black umbrella and stood beside the Volkswagen borrowed from his father.

    The car is a long time ago, but it still drives smoothly.

    He originally wanted to wait for Zhou Jinye in the car, but he felt that it didn't pay enough attention, so he simply stood outside.

    And Lin Juexiao didn't hate rain, the sound of raindrops hitting the umbrella was very clear, he looked down at the watch on his right wrist.

    It's almost time, the high-speed train is coming soon.

    Lin Juexiao took out his mobile phone, and the page stayed in the chat interface. The little boy looked quite cool, and his avatar was his back with a hood.

    The angle of the photo was taken from behind, probably at the seaside. The boy's broad shoulders only took up a small corner, and the rest of the space was taken up by the waves that turned out the white waves.

    Very beautiful composition, but it looks a little deserted.

    The boy with the avatar also speaks very coldly, with a bit of unfamiliar manners, which will not make people feel uncomfortable.

    [Chunmian does not know Xiaoxiao]: Jinye, what time is your high-speed train, I'll pick you up.

    【Z】: You can just send me the address, and I can go there by myself.

    [Chun Mian does not know Xiaoxiao]: ...You can use this honorific title, just call me brother.

    [Chun Mian Bu Jue Xiao]: I'm very close to the high-speed rail station. It's very convenient. You don't have to worry about bothering me.

    【Z】: 14:20.

    【Z】: Excuse me.

    Lin Juexiao pressed his temples and had a headache.

    The chat records between him and Zhou Jinye were limited to this. With a few simple words, Lin Juexiao felt that the little boy was a little stubborn.

    To tell a long story, he has a good brother named Zhou Yuchen—obviously, Zhou Jinye is his younger brother.

    I heard that his parents divorced when he was born, and Zhou Jinye couldn't live without his mother at that time, so he was sentenced to his mother.

    Zhou Yuchen himself had never seen his own younger brother, but Zhou Jinye's mother had a car accident a few days ago, and the half-year-old boy was suddenly lonely.

    Zhou Yuchen knew the news and had no choice but to take Zhou Jinye over to take care of him.

    But Father Zhou happened to be sent abroad for a year, and he could come back, but he was already this age, and this was almost the last chance for promotion.

    Zhou Yuchen herself was too busy with her new job every day. She would go out before dawn, fall asleep when she came back at night, and would be sent on business trips from time to time.

    As a last resort, he could only find the bad guy Lin Juexiao.

    Zhou Yuchen was so anxious on the phone that he almost knelt down and kowtowed for him. Lin Juexiao's heart was already soft, so he sighed and came down.

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