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There is one more person in the family, and Lin Juexiao was not used to it at first, but after getting along with him in the past few days, he even thinks it is not bad.

    As Zhou Yuchen said, Zhou Jinye is indeed a good boy, at least in Lin Juexiao's heart.

    Lin Juexiao just graduated not long ago, and it was still during the internship period. The things in the textbooks are always a lot worse than the practical exercises. He still has a lot of things to learn and improve.

    But he couldn't worry about the cats and dogs at home, and he was mainly worried about Kangkang.

    Kangkang has not grown up yet, and there is no mother cat around. There are many things that need his care, but now that there is more Zhou Jinye at home, he is much more relaxed.

    Lin Juexiao tentatively asked Zhou Jinye if he could take care of Kangkang while he was away. Unsurprisingly, Zhou Jinye agreed.

    Unlike his appearance, Zhou Jinye is even careful.

    He wrote down all the details of Lin Juexiao's instructions, line by line, in the notebook, and in front of Lin Juexiao, he tested it on Kangkang according to the method he taught.

    For example, he already knew how to breastfeed, or like Lin Juexiao, wiped the cotton ball with warm water, and then gently wiped Kangkang's genitals and anus to help him excrete.

    When Zhou Jinye did these things, his expression was grim, making it impossible to see that he was taking care of a kitten the size of his palm.

    Lin Juexiao would like to call it - contrasting cuteness.

    All in all, Lin Juexiao had a better impression of Zhou Jinye.

    What surprised Lin Juexiao the most was that Zhou Jinye could actually cook. Although it was some uncomplicated home-cooked meals, it was quite rare.

    Lin Juexiao has almost no time to cook except when he is on the night shift. After get off work, it is five or six o'clock. When he gets home, he is afraid that Zhou Jinye will almost always order takeout when he is hungry.

    On the third day of taking out, Lin Juexiao smelled the aroma of the food the moment he opened the door.

    There were three meals neatly placed on the dining table. It was estimated that they were finished by pinching some points. They were still steaming hot. Pingping was the most noisy under the table. .

    At this moment, Zhou Jinye, wearing an apron, came out of the kitchen with a bowl of seaweed soup in his hand.


    Juexiao asked in surprise: "You still cook?" "...I don't cook very well." Zhou Jinye said unnaturally. He took off his red and black plaid apron and squeezed it in his hand. Inside, "But you should be able to eat it."

    Lin Juexiao gave him extra face. As soon as he lost the bag in his hand, he immediately filled a bowl of rice and pulled out his chair to eat.     He ate and laughed, maintaining the principle of not saying anything. When he swallowed

    it, he gave Zhou Jinye a thumbs up and praised: "Delicious!"

Kai sat down in a chair, and squeezed "um" from his throat.

    Lin Juexiao held back his smile, put a piece of egg scrambled with tomatoes for Zhou Jinye, and asked a question: "I don't remember much food at home. Did you buy it from the supermarket next door?"

    After he finished speaking, he suddenly realized that Zhou Jinye seemed to be Don't eat other people's food.

    Lin Juexiao also witnessed the piece of meat Zhou Yuchen gave Zhou Jinye last time, but in the end, it was not eaten by Zhou Jinye, and he stayed quietly in the bowl to cool down.

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