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    Teacher Chen took Lin Juexiao to greet her for a while. She was also in a hurry. After telling Lin Juexiao the dormitory number and related matters, she hurried away on black low-heeled shoes.

    Lin Juexiao has been graduating for several years, but after all, he has been in Yujun for three years, and he is still familiar with the layout of the school. He took Zhou Jinye to the back office without any difficulty and bought a quilt and a washbasin.

    The quilt is much more troublesome to carry than the suitcase. Zhou Jinye silently carried the quilt with the bag on his back, and even tried to carry the quilt with one hand and drag the suitcase with the other.

    Lin Juexiao stopped him with a headache, and snatched the suitcase from Zhou Jinye's hand: "I'm here to accompany you to help you carry things, don't be embarrassed."

    They came to school very early, just starting the campus. There were not many people on the trail, but now the flow of people has obviously grown a lot.

    The sun was also a lot more vicious. Lin Juexiao was sweating and raised his hand to cover his forehead, trying to cover his dazzling eyes.

    Zhou Jinye, who was next to him, didn't seem to know the heat. He gave all the shade to Lin Juexiao, and walked outside by himself, blocking the light outside for him.

    Lin Juexiao couldn't help but looked at the black T on Zhou Jinye's body and asked, "Aren't you hot?"

    Before Zhou Jinye could answer, he reached out and touched it again.

    Black is inherently absorbing heat, and under the sun that seems to evaporate people, Zhou Jinye's short sleeves are amazingly hot.

    "It's not hot."

    Zhou Jinye took a few steps back, avoiding Lin Juexiao's outstretched hand, but he was pulled in front of him by Lin Juexiao, avoiding the light outside.

    The dense leaves of the camphor tree covered their heads, like a parasol, and Zhou Jinye seemed to hear the cicadas.

    Yujun is only a high school, no matter how big the school is, it is still the same size. The dormitory building is at the bottom of the school, and it is a brick red unified with the teaching building and the administration building.

    The bedroom was very shady, and as soon as you approached the long and dark corridor, it was like a different season.

    Lin Juexiao sighed with emotion: "After so many years, why hasn't Yujun installed windows in the corridor."

    He whispered, "Zhou Yuchen said before that this dormitory is not for students, it's like a prison."

    Zhou Jinye Looking around carefully, the floor is dark green, and the walls are a little white due to age.

    It does seem to have that feeling.

    There is no elevator in the dormitory building, but the school has always considered the senior year. Zhou Jinye's dormitory is at the end of the second floor.

    It was only the first floor, and Lin Juexiao helped Zhou Jinye carry the luggage without much effort.

    The dormitory doors next to the corridor are all open, and parents are helping the students to clean the dormitory.

    Lin Juexiao dragged his suitcase, his eyes kept looking around, he recalled his high school life with a smile: "How do you feel that Yujun hasn't changed at all, but I heard that we will start building a new campus next year, unfortunately we should all I ca n't enjoy it anymore."

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