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Lin Juexiao helped him press down the quilt again, smoothed the sheet, and turned back to Zhou Jinye and said, "Isn't this a good shop?" The

    scent of lavender diffused within a short distance, and Zhou Jinye held his breath unconsciously. , He lowered his head, his eyes were not on Lin Juexiao's body, but floated far away.



    Juexiao slightly amplified his voice and shouted again: "Jinye?" Zhou Jinye suddenly came to his senses. His eyelashes were long and the ends of his eyes were long and narrow, but he always gave off a feeling of indifference. .

    And now, it seems rare to be a little stunned.     He reacted and suddenly jumped down from the top bunk. His footsteps landed on the floor and made a crisp sound. Zhou Jinye

    's voice came up from the ground in a muffled voice: "Well."

Climbing up and down, he asked: "Isn't it hurt, so jump down like this?"


    Lin Juexiao habitually took out the posture of an elder, and warned: "Don't jump like this in the future. Going down, it's still very troublesome to get hurt, after all, it hurts for a hundred days."

    "...Got it."

    Zhou Jinye responded to Lin Juexiao, turned his back and squatted on the ground, half of the reason left. luggage.

    He touched his ear unnaturally, it was a little hot. Zhou Jinye coughed a few times, folded the pure cotton short sleeves, hung it on his arm, and suddenly asked, "Brother Jue Xiao, you—"

    Halfway through, he stopped again.     Lin Juexiao just took a sip

    of water, and asked vaguely, "What's wrong?" Zhou Jinye's short sleeves were torn into a ball by him.

, continued to maintain the usual flat tone and asked, "Did you also live on campus when you were studying?"

    He was a little curious about how Lin Juexiao was studying, but he felt that it was too deliberate to ask directly, so he only dared to ask in a side-by-side manner.

    "Me?" Lin Juexiao seemed to think of something, and laughed out loud, "I used to live on campus, my brother, I, and two other friends live together. Next time I will call out both of them, too. I don't know if they are empty recently."

    Zhou Jinye frowned unhappily in a place that Lin Juexiao couldn't see, what he wanted to hear was not this, what he wanted to hear was Lin Juexiao's story.

    "Jinye, I'll tell you a trick."

    Lin Juexiao suddenly winked at Zhou Jinye. When he did this, it wouldn't make people feel disobedient, nor would it make people feel naughty, even a little juvenile. refreshing.

    He deliberately lowered his voice and covered his ears with his palms, as if being heard by others: "Uncle dormitory, he likes to start the inspection from the sixth floor down, so usually he will only check the second floor around 10:40. So if you are quiet during this time, you will basically not be caught."

    After Lin Juexiao finished speaking, he smiled like a cat stealing fish.

    But after a while, Lin Juexiao reminded Zhou Jinye in a panic again: "You are in your third year of high school, so you should rest well! Don't go to bed too late!"

    Zhou Jinye held back his laughter, he thought Lin Juexiao looked a little cute, and his throat was a little cute. There was a small laugh.

    Lin Juexiao glanced at his mobile phone with a blushing face and was about to leave. In order to send Zhou Jinye off, he specially asked someone to help replace the shift. Now it's almost time for the appointment.

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