Chapter 11 One Journey Ends, Another Begins...

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No one's POV

Currently, everyone was at the Melemele shopping Mall, looking around, when Ash picked up what looked to be heart shaped food.

Ash: What's this? Is it a treat?

Rotom Dex: It's a type of Pokémon food called a Poké Bean.

Nhazul: Yeah, Eevee, Lucario and Garchomp love the stuff.

Eevee: Vee!

Ash: Really? Which one do you want, Pikachu?

Mallow: Steenee's favorite are the flower patterned ones.

Steenee: Steenee!

Rotom Dex: What? "Flower patterned"? Data: updated! I did not know there were Poké Beans with such patterns.

Ash: This Pikachu colored one is pretty nice, I guess. Pikachu, what do you think?

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Lillie: Mallow, Lana... I would like to look at the scarves and bandanas for Snowball as well. What do you say, Snowball?

Snowball: Vulpix.

Mallow: Sounds good!

Lana: Let's go.

As Nhazul was paying for his stuff, he gave a Poké Bean to Eevee, as he and the other guys saw the girls continue to shop.

Sophocles: Girls really like shopping, huh?

Kiawe: Pretty much.

Rotom Dex: Statics say that when women get asked if they like shopping, more then 87% answer that they like it or they do not dislike it.

Sophocles: More then 87%?!

The boys then proceeded to wait outside for the girls and after 20 minutes, they finally came out.

Sophocles: We're finally done shopping now, right?

Mallow: Not yet, Sophocles! Next up is Alola Sunrise! Let's go!

Lana: Go!

Lillie: My!

Sophocles: What?!

Lillie: Alola Sunrise! I have been wanting to go there!

Ash: "Alola Sunrise"?

Nhazul: And that is?

Mallow: It's an accessory shop that's highly popular among girls on Melemele Island!

Sophocles: Accessory and clothing shop...

Rotom Dex: Highly popular...

Ash: Among girls...

Nhazul: ...-_-... Shocking...

Mallow: Their accessories made from Heart Scales that washed up on the beach, from Corsola branches, or other form other natural objects are absolutely lovely!

Lana: That's right.

Lillie: Ah...

Kiawe: Sorry, I'm going home now. I-I'd like to feed the food I just bought to them Pokémon at the form right away you see...

Nhazul: ...-_-... Uh huh... Those non existent cans of food...

Kiawe: See ya!

Kiawe then proceeded to fly away on his Charizard, as Sophocles's eyes widened.

Sophocles: Oh! I forgot to water the flowers in the garden!

Nhazul: ...-_-... What flowers...?

Sophocles: See ya!

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