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"bae calm down they don't know nothing about what's going on" Melissa tried to calm down Tatum.

he was getting scared more and more that Tobias would come after him.

"you don't know that Melissa i'm gone call you back" he said hanging up.

Tobias walked into the room not making no noise and Melissa turned around and jumped.

she held her hand on her chest and sent him a small smile.

"bae hi" She tried to kiss him.

he pushed her back and looked her up and down "who was that on the phone?"

"a friend" she lied.

"you call friends bae? who was really on the phone?"

he pulled his gun out his pants and took it off safety.

Melissa was giving him sneaky vibes and he wasn't with it.

Melissa eyes shot to the gun and then back to Tobias.

"if I tell you please don't do anything"

"ok" he nodded.

"i was talking to your brother Tatum, we been together for a few months now" Melissa told him


"yeah , your mother had y'all and she gave him up for adoption. she had hid him at your grandmothers house" Melissa said.

she was spilling everything not even knowing it was gone cost her , her life.

"take me to him" Tobias stood up.

"no" Melissa refused.

Tobias grabbed the gun and hit her in the head with it knocking her out instantly.

he grabbed her phone and unlocked it.

he went to Tatum messages and saw his address , he looked down at her and shook his head.

"aye Ju" Tobias called out the room.

"damn the fuck you do?" Ju asked walking into the room.

"take her to the warehouse i'll meet y'all there" Tobias told him sending the address to hisself.

Ju nodded and pulled her body out the room.

"heavy ass bitch" He mumbled gasping for air.

Tobias walked past him and out the door.

he wanted to know the full story about Tatum and he was gone find it out.

Tobias pulled up to a decent looking house and got out the car and pulled his hood over his head and walked towards the porch.

he could hear the tv playing and he knocked on the door.

"who is it?" he heard a deep voice ask.

"open the door" Tobias voice came through the door.

Tatum opened the door and his face dropped seeing Tobias.

he tried closing the door but Tobias pushed it open.

"you acting like a pussy" Tobias laughed.

"i'm sorry for everything" Tatum tried to say.

Tobias ignored him sending a powerful punch to his face.

Tatum tried to fight back but Tobias was stronger.

Tobias kept hitting him until he was knocked out like Melissa.

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