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 Taymor's PovLong Beach, California Same day, Monday 7:45 Pm

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Taymor's Pov
Long Beach, California
Same day, Monday
7:45 Pm

TW⚠️: Mention of rape, abuse, murder, suicidal thoughts and suicide.


"Stupid bitch got me fucked up" Taymor got out of the chair, grabbing the drink off the table and downing it.

"Yo what happened?" Dayvon tried to get Taymor to calm down, while he threw on his shoes.

"That bitch gon text me and tell me to come get my shit, she betta not touch none of my shit, ima burn that mufucka down best believe that" Taymor mumbled, grabbing his jacket.

"Awl hell yeah we coming to" Nick and Megan followed behind Kentrell, Dayvon and Taymor.


"Unlock this fucking door" Taymor banged on the door, seeing she changed the locks because his key wasn't working.

Molly opened the door only to be pushed to the ground by Taymor,
"I paid for everything in this bitch and you putting me out?".

"You could've brought a house with yo mama money she left behind for you" Molly said, sitting up not bothered.

"Bitch you the one that begged me to live with you, I been here since I was fourteen, when yo mama die some months back I was taking care of you, I paid more than 10k a month, the TV, couches, lights, gas, water, I even paid for rent which was 2.5k, When you broke the door I paid for it to get fixed $700 for a got damn door.. You know what I'll see ya ass in court" Taymor ranted.

"Ma no need to explain yo self to this bitch grab all yo stuff and we can go" Dayvon spoke up, trying to calm down Taymor, who looked like he was finna swing on Molly.

"Y'all grab my Tv, microwave, lamp.. matter fact just leave the couches and 1 lamp" Taymor said, before running upstairs, which Molly ran behind him.

"The fuck you mean ? The microwave and Tv?" Molly snapped at Taymor.

"I bought all this shit, so ima take all this shit have fun with them couches, oh and unplug that Tv in yo room I bought with "my" money, and I'm taking you off my phone bill, I hope yo dirty ass girlfriend was worth it" Taymor laughed, packing his clothes in his suitcase.

"The only reason you got money, because yo mama die on yo pathetic ass" Molly chuckled, only to be hit in the face with something hard.

"Don't say shit about my mama when your's overdosed trying to get away from yo ass, I see why she called you a disappointment you ain't shit Molly" Taymor stood there with a shoe in his hand, and his eyes filled with tears.

"I'm the one who took you in after after yo mom died, I'm the one you called on when to dad beated you and your mom asses, who was there when they took advantage of you? ALL ME" Molly shouted, trying to make Taymor feel bad.

"Yup all you.. You left me with them, soon you left it happened, you set me up not once but three time Molly THREE TIMES I got raped and where was you? See why I stopped going places with you.. You knew Molly I was only 12 what 20 year old hang around little ass kids" Taymor sniffed, as all the memories piled up on him.

"If it wasn't you then it was gonna be me.." Molly mumbled.

"I HAD YOUR BACK!! The first time I told you that your cousins raped me you agreed I tell someone we even went to the police station but you was to scared to go in, so we went back home.. It was all you" Taymor cried.

"Don't blame this on me THEY IN JAIL TODAY BECAUSE OF M-"

"No they in jail because of me, I walked up there by myself, not mention with a cast on my leg, I told them everything, You don't know how many times I thought of killing my self because of YOUR COUSINS don't ever come at me side ways, after all of the shit you did to me I still love you" Taymor smiled, wiping his eyes.

Taymor was sick to his stomach, now realizing everything that happened to him in the pass was Molly's doing, tears was running down his face as he smiled, and continued to pack his bag.

"You don't know what's it was like living with them, you don't know" Molly cried out.

"So you let them rape me instead, damn I thought you was better than that" Taymor mumbled, grabbing another suitcase.

"I was jealous.. you had a loving fam-"

"LOVING? My dad killed my mom  in front of me then killed his self, I guess you was jealous of nothing" Taymor chuckled.

Molly stood there, with tears running down her face, as she felt bad for all the things she did to Taymor, then she smiled wiping her eyes.

"You know what was happening, that why you always came with me I bet you liked it" Molly smiled, wanting to get a reaction out Taymor before he left.

"Oh Ima beat her ass" Megan said,  taking off her shoes, running up on Molly.

"Chill Megan she ain't worth it let's get this shit and go" Taymor mumbled.

"Ima catch yo ass lacking watch" Megan shouted.


After a while, Taymor packed all his things, and most of his things was in Nick, Megan, and Dayvon's car, he took mostly everything out of Molly's room and from downstairs, Taymor picked the last bag throwing it in the trunk, closing it before going to the door and opening it.

Taymor sat in the back seat, closing the door, "You okay?" Dayvon asked, looking back at Taymor.

"Y-" before Taymor can even finish his statement, he busted into tears, hiding his face in his knees.

"Damn this hurt me seeing him like this" Kentrell whispered softly, hoping in the back seat patting Taymor's back.

Taymor cried harder, being hit with emotions left and right, he didn't know how to feel at the moment, so he just cried loudly, not trying to think about the pass.

"Shh Ma we in this together"


(A/n: Sorry for the emotional chapter, I just wanted to give y'all an update real quick, Love y'all 💕💕 Tell me what y'all think?)

Note: If your a victim of Rape, SA, Abuse, and etc please speak up. You matter and you need to be heard❤️.

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