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Jessie sat tied to the chair looking at the wall.

her actions were replaying in her head and she was regretting it.

turning on her son and hiding the other one was the worst thing she could've ever did.

she knew it was bad choosing man over her son but she couldn't help it.

Damion gave her the feeling she hadn't felt since Tobias and Tatum father died.

"mama" she could heard Tatum voice from the side of her.

"hmm?" she hummed in response not even bothering to look over.

"are they gonna kill us? you promised they wouldn't" Tatum said.

he was nothing like Tobias to Jessie.

to her Tatum was "soft"

But honestly he was just terrified of dying

"probably" Jessie mumbled knowing they were.

"this is your fault you said they wouldn't, this is all because you wanted a nigga approval so bad" Tatum harshly said.

"i hate you" he said those words cut Jessie deep.

Tobias lost respect for her a long time ago.

Jessie moved out not being able to deal with her.

now her last child hated her like the rest.

she failed all three of them.

"you were a terrible mother and still is , they should've been killed you dumb bitch"

Jessie listened to her son disrespect her and she said nothing knowing she deserved it all.

"I wish I would've reached out to Tobias sooner, I killed an innocent women and a innocent child because of you stupid bitch" Tatum said standing up.

Jessie finally looked at him and shook her head.

he had a gash on his head with blood leaking out .

his eye was swollen shut, his lip was busted.

he had bruises all over, Ju really did a number on him.

"look at me" Tatum stood in front of her.

Ju left him untied knowing he would be to weak to run off.

"everything is your fault you deserve to die" Tatum said holding his side.

Jessie looked and saw it was bleeding badly.

"let me help you" she finally said.

"no you done enough just let me die" Tatum said.

he went and sat back in the spot he was just in and closed his eyes.

he knew he was dying and didn't care.

he lost Melissa she was all that mattered.

but in the end she gave him and his mother up.

but Tatum still loved her.

"i wish i would've did better for you three i'm so sorry Tatum" Jessie looked at him as he breathing started to slow down.

"i still hate u" he mumbled as his breathing stopped.

Jessie tried to get out the ropes to see if he was dead but the more she tried to tighter they got.

the door opened an in walk Ju and Tobias.

"about time he died he was hanging on" Ju laughed.

"Tobias let me go" Jessie looked at him.

"you tried to set me up and killed my niece and Te'lani mama ain't no letting you go" he shook his head.

"why do you care ?"

"let's ask Damion " Ju smiled walking out the room.

him and Rod walked back in dragging Damion.

"y'all going to far you killed your brother let him go at least" Jessie said.

"you really care for him?"  they laughed.

Rod stepped on his chest and Damion eyes shot open.

he tried to get up but Tobias kicked him in the face sending his head flying back.

his head hit the hard ground and they heard a crack.

"you killed him" Jessie yelled seeing blood rushing out the back of his head.

"you kill my baby" Ju mocked her.

"so you just gone kill me?" Jessie looked at Tobias.

"i'm not they is"

as much as she hurt him he couldn't bring hisself to killing her.

"make it quick" Jessie demanded.

"you know that's not happening" Rod shook his head.

Murda walked out the warehouse and got in his car.

He didn't know how he was gone tell Jess but he wasn't worried about her right now.

"so what happened?" Te'lani asked Tobias.

"we killed em all except Jordan" Tobias told her.

"what happened?"

"they plotted against all of us they killed yo' mama then tried to pin it on me. they had my brother stab Cece and my mama and yo' daddy was behind it all"

"you killed Jessie?" Te'lani asked.

"nah but it felt like I did" Tobias mumbled holding onto her.

"how you feeling about all this?"

"idk it don't feel right we ain't never had a close bond but killing her was different" Tobias said.

"i get what you saying but keeping her alive you don't know what else she would've did. or what she could've had Jess do"

"Jess wasn't gone do shit that lady said do, they bond became just like me and my mamas Jess moved out a few months ago" Tobias yawned.

"so she died knowing all her kids hated her? or did your brother still love her" she asked.

"nah we heard everything he said to her, he told her he hated her"

"damn..." she trailed off.

"you sleepy?" she changed the topic.

"mhm, where Tru?"

"in his room let him sleep alone" Te'lani laughed.

"my son miss me"

"don't be delusional lay down" Te'lani laughed handing him a durag.

"who durag?" he mugged.

"boy it's mines put it on and lay down"

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y'all why did I go get ordained online 😩

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y'all why did I go get ordained online 😩 .

performing wattpad weddings book me .

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