Chapter 23 • Spain

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Sebastian Knight

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Sebastian Knight

Stopping behind the trees that are surrounding the huge mansion in front of us, me and Ares got out of the car with our guns in our hands as all our men followed our movement.

"There are no guards anywhere" I mutter confused, "Are you sure if the location was right?" Ares asks Joseph who was the one who find the location.

"Yes, this is where the phone call has been taken" He state and I looked up at Ares with a knowing look. I stepped out and walked towards the gates making sure to scan the place as Ares followed me.

My eyes fell on a small piece of paper that was between the metal sticks of the gate, I clenched my jaw as I grabbed it and turned to Ares.

"Open it," Ares said as his eyes didn't stop scanning the place, I opened the note and when I read it I bite the inside of my cheek to stop my blood from boiling in panic and rage.

You both are so dumb, you just lost another one of your precious girls, oh wait they are only two right? Guess I have them both now.
~ R. D

"Shit" I threw the note away before running towards the car, I could hear Ares mumbling a trail of curses in Russian as we got inside our cars.

"I will check the cameras of the closest street from here" Ares stated as he grabbed his phone and started calling his men, my anger was taking the best of me as I started driving towards Ares's warehouse

I wasn't realizing how fast I was driving and how hard I was holding the steering wheel until my knuckles turned white.

I got my phone and started calling Rosa but she wasn't answering which made me ten times more worried.

After a lot of calls, Rosa's phone answered making me and Ares sigh, "Rosa?" I called out but all I heard is a dark chuckle.

Both me and Ares froze, my blood ran cold as my eye widened, "You are as dumb as your mother Sebastian" Roberto chuckled and my hands curled into fists.

"Touch her and I wi—" Ares stopped when he heard Roberto laughing and clenched his jaw, "What are you going to do? You don't even know where is my location so stop giving me empty threats"

"Don't touch them you fucking piece of sh–" I grit but he cut me off, "You too Sebastian, you must get used to living alone cause I don't think you will see these precious two ever again"

Just the thought of not seeing Rosa or Madeline ever again makes me want to kill myself, I would rather die than live a second without them.

"We will find you and you will wish that you didn't mess with us" I grit and all we heard is a chuckle before the call ended.

He will fucking pay.

Rosa King

Opening my eyes, darkness was the only thing I saw, the light that was on the far corner made me realize that I was in a cell and I froze when I felt a shaking figure holding me tightly, nuzzling itself into me from the cold cell.

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