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 Taymor Pov Long Beach, California Same day, Monday 9:54 pm

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Taymor Pov
Long Beach, California
Same day, Monday
9:54 pm

Tw⚠️: This chapter includes, rape, murder, suicide and blood.

Please skip this chapter, if you don't feel comfortable of knowing Taymor's backstory/past or if you don't feel comfortable at all.

Do not force yourself to stay here if your uncomfortable.

End of warning.


After they unpacked all his things, Megan and Nick left, in which Taymor sat down on the bed with, Kentrell and Dayvon wanting to tell them about his past so he didn't have to hide anymore.

"You don't have to tell us Ma, just tell us when you ready" Kentrell's said, not wanting to push the boy to hard.

Taymor took a deep breath before speaking "This all started about four years ago".


Four years ago-

Taymor sat on the porch, not wanting to be in the house as his mom and dad argued about unnecessary things.

"Hey Tee Tee, what you doing" Molly walked up to Taymor, who was playing in dirt.

"Nothing just playing what about you" Taymor smiled, looking up at Molly.

"I was going back home, but I saw you out here by yourself, it's kinda late too you wanna come to my house?" Molly asked, knowing Taymor parents was fighting again, as she hard the glass break.

"Yeah, it's kinda boring here anyways" Taymor got up, brushing off his hands.


"Where yo mama at? She said she was gonna make me some cookies next time a visit" Taymor mumbled, walking upstairs behind Molly.

"She at work but my cousins here" Molly replied, walking into a room once they got at the top of the steps.

"Hey cuz" A tall man greeted Molly at the door.

"H-hey" Molly stuttered with a forced smile on her face as her and Taymor sat on the bed, that was pushed in the corner.

"Let's play a game" The man said, looking at the other two males, before rolling his eyes as the other man in the corner said no.

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