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Lin Juexiao also carried a plastic bag in his hand with the words "People's Pharmacy" printed on it. Director Bi of the Academic Affairs Office was not there, and there were only a few students.

    He took a few steps and trotted in front of Zhou Jinye.

    Zhou Jinye was sitting on a chair, much shorter than he was standing. Lin Juexiao put the plastic bag on the desk, bent down, and gently supported Zhou Jinye's chin with his hand, pulling his face up.

    Lin Juexiao's face was not impatient with being called halfway, but rather anxious and worried.

    His fingers on Zhou Jinye's chin were warm and warm, like a ray of sunshine in winter.

    Zhou Jinye looked up at him blankly, until the wound at the corner of his mouth was touched with his fingertips, and he subconsciously frowned in pain.

    He heard Lin

    Juexiao ask, "Does it hurt?" Zhou Jinye's heartbeat was inexplicably fast, and he was more concerned about when his heartbeat would calm down than the pain in the tear at the corner of his mouth.

    His hand hanging by his leg silently pinched his palm, but his heartbeat seemed to be getting clearer.

    "It's okay, it doesn't hurt."

    Zhou Jinye didn't know how to say these words, but he blurted out like a dream.

    "You said you weren't injured?" Lin Juexiao sighed, didn't reprimand him, just told him patiently, "If you're injured in the future, don't hold back, just tell me."

    He chuckled lightly: " Although I'm not professional, it's okay to apply a medicine."

    Zhou Jinye knew that Lin Juexiao was deliberately joking, to ease his anxiety, and also to tell him - I'm not angry, it's okay.

    Zhou Jinye sat forward obediently, his neck was a little sore after a long time, but he remained silent, and even had a little chuckle.

    The warm and soft fingers suddenly detached from his chin, and Zhou Jinye subconsciously pursued it with his eyes.

    Lin Juexiao moved his hand away and went to get the contents of the bag. He buried his head and unpacked the ointment seriously, but he didn't see Zhou Jinye's slightly drooping corner of his mouth.

    He bought ointment and a cotton swab, carefully squeezed the ointment on the cotton swab, and then lifted Zhou Jinye's chin slightly again to help him apply the medicine.

    The ointment is cool and applied to the wound. I don't know if the psychological effect is at work, or because its effect is so powerful.

    All in all, Zhou Jinye is no longer in pain.

    He opened his eyes and looked at him openly while Lin Juexiao's attention was all on his wound.

    Lin Juexiao's eyes were focused, perhaps because he was too focused, his delicate eyebrows were slightly twisted, and his rosy lips were pursed tightly.

    His hands are beautiful, the joints are not particularly prominent, the fingers are slender, and the nails are round and smooth.

    With such hands, doing anything is particularly pleasing to the eye.

    While helping Zhou Jinye put on the ointment, he asked, "How did the fight start?"

    Lin Juexiao glanced at the group of boys who were writing the review together, none of them looked like good students, and he sighed again. He took a breath and said, "Why are you so ingenious that so many people beat you?"

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