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Lin Juexiao's anger rushed to his head. He hadn't been so angry for a long time. To be exact, he had never encountered such an angry thing before.

    He is not easy to get angry, and because of his natural temperament, he has never been so angry that he feels dizzy and dizzy.

    Zhou Jinye's tone was calm, but the words he repeated in his mouth were particularly piercing.

    Lin Juexiao knew that Zhou Jinye, such a well-behaved child, could easily do it.

    The boy named Dong Lesheng scolded it too badly, not to mention that Zhou Jinye's mother just had an accident not long ago.

    It is inevitable that Zhou Jinye will not be able to help himself. From Lin Juexiao's point of view, Dong Lesheng deserves it.

    Lin Juexiao took a deep breath and tried to suppress his anger, but his tone still rose uncontrollably. He looked directly at Dong Lesheng's mother and asked, "How do you teach your children?"

    His upbringing did not allow him to say too much: "Just How did he say such a thing?"

    Dong Lesheng's mother knew that she was wrong, but she still stuck her neck and said unreasonably: "It's not right to hit someone."

    Lin Juexiao was about to laugh, he always loved it. Short, now Zhou Jinye has been included in the scope of his own family.

    He has a good temper, but that doesn't mean he is easy to bully. He touched Zhou Jinye's back soothingly. The boy's back was covered with a thin layer of muscle, which was beautifully tight, but now it is tight.

    He asked, "Then our family Jinye wasn't beaten?"

    Zhou Jinye hadn't been guarded by anyone for a long time. From the beginning to the present, he wanted to solve the problem by himself.

    Based on experience and guesses, as Director Bi said, they are both in their third year of high school, and both of them are injured.

    But the punishment that should be given is still not given, and mutual review and apology are definitely unavoidable.

    Just like Zhou Jinye guessed, Director Bi stood up and persuaded:

    "You all calm down."

    "Both of you are at fault in this matter, but Dong Lesheng has a bigger problem. You are both high school seniors, and it's not easy to get punished. Zhou Jinye, you write a thousand-word review, Dong Lesheng, you write three thousand , plus the national broadcast apology."

    Dong Lesheng was not very convinced, but his mother pinched his arm, so he could only stare at Zhou Jinye and deflate the fire.

    Lin Juexiao dragged Zhou Jinye and followed them out of the office door. Dong Lesheng's mother was still scolding, probably still scolding Dong Lesheng.


    From a distance, Lin Juexiao stopped her.

    Lin Juexiao stood on the steps and lowered his head slightly to look at Dong Lesheng's mother. His eyebrows and eyes were clean, and the corners of his naturally smiling mouth were now pressed into a straight line.

    Dong Lesheng's mother turned back, and Lin Juexiao said calmly, "I'm not good at educating your son, but I would like to remind you that you are teaching your children like this, and your children are the same without you."

    Zhou Jinye Listening from behind, he turned his face away, didn't look at the reaction of the two of them, just stared at Lin Juexiao intently.

    ——Is Lin Juexiao trying to stand up for him?

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