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Lin Juexiao heard the words and looked down at Zhou Jinye.

    Zhou Jinye's lip line was tightly pursed, as if he was enduring the pain, and the wound on his cheek was red, as if he fainted out of bounds.

    "Wait a minute."

    Lin Juexiao took out an ice pack from the refrigerator, let Zhou Jinye sit next to him, and gently rubbed Zhou Jinye's red cheekbones with the ice pack, his movements were fairly skilled.

    Gentle and not overwhelming.

    While rubbing, he asked Zhou Jinye softly, "Does it hurt?"

    Zhou Jinye raised his head, this angle made him see Lin Juexiao's face more clearly, with a smooth and beautiful chin line, a rounded arc and a gentle nose tip. With those tender eyes.

    The touch of his cheeks was icy, and Zhou Jinye's Adam's apple pressed down unconsciously, as if exuding some kind of strange heat.

    Even with it, his ears began to heat up, and he was aware of it, but he couldn't suppress the heat.

    He suppressed his palpitations and pretended to be calm and said, "It doesn't hurt."

    Lin Juexiao suddenly touched his ears, and his fingers were cold because they touched the ice pack.

    But when he touched Zhou Jinye's ear, it didn't cool down at all. Instead, he flicked it "thumb--" as if a switch had been lit, and his ears became even hotter.

    He couldn't see it, but he knew that his ears must be terribly red now.

    "Jinye?" Lin

    Juexiao called his name suspiciously, and asked, "Are you hot?" Zhou Jinye's voice was a little tight: "...No."

    He heard his own unnatural voice, He coughed a few times in embarrassment, and said in a normal voice, "It's not hot."

    "Then why are your ears so red?" Lin

    Juexiao asked, "Your face is also quite red, because of those popular people?" Zhou Jinye: "... "

    He had to bite the bullet, lowered his head, and said in a low voice, "Well."

    "Okay, okay."

    Lin Juexiao touched his head again, "Don't be angry anymore, what's wrong with that kind of person? It's quite late now, let's pack up and go to bed, we have class tomorrow." The

    ice pack was put on the table by Lin Juexiao. Because of the melting, there was a pool of ice water underneath, and the distance between him and Zhou Jinye also widened. , the temperature on Zhou Jinye's face finally dropped.

    Lin Juexiao asked again, "Have you taken a shower in the bedroom?"

    Zhou Jinye shook his head and said, "No."

    His clothes were a bit messy because of the fight, Zhou Jinye shrugged the tip of his nose, as if he smelled bad about himself. The comfortable smell of sweat, and the smell of smoke that was accidentally contaminated.

    Zhou Jinye's heart skipped a beat, and he didn't know if Lin Juexiao had smelled it, but he probably smelled it when he was so close.

    Could Lin Juexiao smell the stinky smell on him?

    Zhou Jinye's expression changed, his steps quickened, he left "then I'll go take a shower first", and hurriedly went to his own bedroom to get a change of clothes.

    When Zhou Jinye entered the bathroom, Lin Juexiao sighed and walked to the balcony with his mobile phone.

    He called Zhou Yuchen, and it was rare that Zhou Yuchen answered the phone very quickly today - "Hey, Jue Xiao, what's wrong?"

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