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In the quiet room, Lin Juexiao turned off the light, and before leaving, he said to Zhou Jinye - "Good night".

    The light in the room went out instantly, but the darkness would not make Zhou Jinye feel suffocated, and even a little inexplicably stable.

    He lay on the bed, adjusted his sleeping position, and slept peacefully.

    This time, he didn't dream of the blood in the sky, what he dreamed was a sea of ​​flowers, and the fragrance seemed to bloom on the tip of his nose, so close at hand.

    He also dreamed of Lin Juexiao, smiling at him with his eyes bent, sweeter than the fragrance of flowers.

    Zhou Jinye hadn't had such a good night's sleep for a long time. When his alarm clock rang, he suddenly woke up from his sleep.

    He hadn't had time to hand over his cell phone this week. Zhou Jinye reached out and turned off the alarm clock. He deliberately set an alarm clock for 6 o'clock and woke up one step earlier than Lin Juexiao.

    Because Zhou Jinye knew that according to Lin Juexiao's character, even if he refused, he would get up early to see him off.

    Boys get up very quickly, just change clothes and wash their faces, but they spend the longest time brushing their teeth.

    Zhou Jinye stared indifferently at the mirror, waiting for the foam on his chin to flow down, before turning on the faucet to flush the foam from the corner of his mouth.

    It's because he hasn't woken up yet.

    After washing up, Zhou Jinye woke up.

    He first filled the automatic feeding machine with cat food and dog food, touched a few cats and dogs that had already slept, and then gently opened the door and walked downstairs.

    There are many breakfast stalls next to Lin Juexiao's community. Zhou Jinye helped Lin Juexiao buy a bowl of preserved egg and lean meat porridge, and bought a fritter.

    The weather in August was stuffy, and it was a little hot for him to run up and down. Zhou Jinye was relieved by grabbing his neckline and put the purchased items on the dining table.

    After thinking for a while, he dug out the paper and pen from his schoolbag again.

    Zhou Jinye grabbed the pen very hard, wrote carefully one stroke at a time, and tried his best to write his own words more beautifully——

    "Brother, I'm going to school first. There's the breakfast I bought for you on the table, remember to eat it."

    It was only half past six when he finished all this, when Zhou Jinye heard the movement in Lin Juexiao's room.

    Zhou Jinye loosened the pen, closed the door slowly, and hurriedly ran downstairs. He didn't know what was going on today, but he ran very lightly.

    It was not until Zhou Jinye had just finished sweeping the shared bicycle with his long legs on the ground that he finally realized something.

    - His back was empty.

    Zhou Jinye forgot his schoolbag at home, he sat on the back of the chair expressionlessly, and his mood was actually turned upside down.

    He's been out for so long... Lin Juexiao probably saw his schoolbag on the chair long ago.

    Sure enough, Zhou Jinye's cell phone rang, and the note was "Brother Jue Xiao".

    Zhou Jinye was silent and answered the phone. Lin Juexiao's sullen laughter soon came from the other end, and it sounded a little worried --

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