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    Zhou Yuchen was stunned by Zhou Jinye's question. He didn't understand what was going on between Zhou Jinye and Lin Juexiao.

    Probably because Lin Juexiao felt that he was not Zhou Jinye's brother, and he couldn't control many things, but Zhou Jinye seemed to trust Lin Juexiao very much.

    But it is true that people with a personality like Lin Juexiao are naturally likable.

    Zhou Jinye was silent for a while, and then turned the topic back: "What are we talking about?"

    Zhou Yuchen really couldn't continue the conversation. He didn't get to know Zhou Jinye very much, and he didn't know much about Zhou Jinye's situation.

    And boys of this age are deeply ingrained in his impression, he is afraid that if he doesn't say hello, he will step on the thunder point of adolescent boys.

    He didn't know if Zhou Jinye had a rebellious period, but looking at Zhou Jinye's appearance, he didn't really want to talk to him.

    Zhou Yuchen tried hard to think of a way to communicate: "Can you keep up with your studies?"

    "It's okay."

    "...Is there any improvement in your grades?"

    "I don't know, I haven't

    taken the test yet." But what to ask and what to answer.

    Zhou Yuchen could see that Zhou Jinye really didn't mean to get close to him. He sighed and asked the last question: "Are you still used to living here in     Juexiao ?"

    "I'm used to it." Zhou Jinye answered quickly this time.

After a while, the weather on the balcony was stuffy, Zhou Yuchen couldn't stop sweating a lot, but Zhou Jinye's body was fresh and clean.

    His eyes were like heavy clouds, and Zhou Jinye asked, "Are you going to take me away?"

    "—Or Jue Xiao-ge doesn't want to live with me?"

    "No, no, no." Zhou Yuchen shook his hand and denied , "I'm just asking."

    Zhou Jinye said "um".

    "Jue Xiao, he should like you quite a bit. Others are good, but different people are different. I think he treats you well, so he should really like you."

    Zhou Jinye's eyes lit up. , the next "um" sounded lighter.

    The balcony was too hot, Zhou Yuchen chatted with him a few more words, and the heat became unbearable and entered the house.

    Zhou Jinye re-filled the pot of water, watering the flowers and plants that had not been watered before, and the green balcony seemed to be wiping the scenery.

    When he opened the door again, Lin Juexiao was still cooking in the kitchen. Zhou Jinye wanted to go in to help, but Zhou Jinye suddenly thought of something. He turned around and walked into the bedroom suddenly.

    He fumbled for the bank card from the drawer.

    Zhou Yuchen was watching videos in the living room, and when he saw something funny, he laughed like a goose. When he laughed so hard, he was handed a bank card in front of him.

    The one holding the bank card is Zhou Jinye's articulated hand.

    Zhou Yuchen: "?"

    He put the phone aside and raised his head in confusion: "Why give me the card?"

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