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On the way back, Lin Juexiao drove the car alone, without Zhou Yuchen to talk to him, the car was much cleaner.

    It was night, and he simply turned off the air conditioner in the car and lowered the window again.

    When the speed is fast, the wind outside is cool enough.

    There is a lot of difference between the natural wind and the air-conditioning wind. It is not as cloudy as the air-conditioning wind, but it is very refreshing when it blows on the face.

    Lin Juexiao parked the car downstairs as usual and walked up.

    As he walked down the stairs, he thought a lot.

    The card Zhou Jinye gave him was still in his pocket, and he was panicking. Lin Juexiao had a headache and stopped by leaning on the escalator.

    He really doesn't know what to do with this card.

    In fact, there are more people in the family, and Lin Juexiao really doesn't feel troublesome. He didn't spend much money for Zhou Jinye, and Zhou Jinye didn't take advantage of him, and even Zhou Jinye bought many dishes.

    Lin Juexiao rubbed his temples, and finally put the card in his pocket.

    As Zhou Yuchen said, give Zhou Jinyetu a little peace of mind, and give it back to him after he graduates.

    He took a deep breath and continued to climb the stairs to open the door.

    Zhou Jinye was supposed to be in the bedroom, and there was no one in the living room, so Jianjian came up with a rare chance.

    It is a very common pastoral cat, which was picked up by Lin Juexiao from the community. It is estimated that it had an owner before and was not very afraid of people.

    But it is estimated that it was because of the hard Jia next to the eyes that he was abandoned by the owner, and now he is not very close, only occasionally rubbing over like a charity, "meow" a few times.

    Lin Juexiao squatted down, rubbed the cat's soft chin with his fingers, and asked it, "Are you full?"

    He could probably think of the reason why Zhou Jinye gave him money, and then think of the questions Zhou Jinye asked him in the car today. .

    The ground was mopped cleanly, Lin Juexiao simply sat cross-legged on the ground, and Jianjian jumped up.

    Lying on his lap, Lin Juexiao rubbed its head unconsciously, and the others crowded around him as if competing for favor.


    Juexiao thought - Zhou Jinye may feel very lonely because he has just lost a relative. He is just an underage child, and he is helpless in this strange city.

    And he is the one who has been with Zhou Jinye for the longest time now, so Zhou Jinye may be so uneasy that he is even afraid that he will not want him.

    He thought of this, and the door of Zhou Jinye's bedroom just opened.

    He had taken a shower, and before his hair was completely dried, the water droplets rolled down from the end of his hair onto his collar, leaving some water marks.

    Lin Juexiao waved at him: "Jinye."

    Zhou Jinye took a few steps forward to Lin Juexiao, lowered his head and asked, "What's wrong?"

    Lin Juexiao pointed to the end of his hair: "I didn't blow dry."

    "...It's okay." Zhou Jinye said disappointedly, "It will be done soon." Lin Juexiao

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