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Zhou Jinye leaned on the cushion on the bed, still holding his mobile phone, but his eyes stopped blankly in the void.

    His long eyelashes trembled slightly, and his thin lips pursed slightly. He was actually very nervous right now, and his heartbeat under his skin was almost like a deer hitting him.

    Zhou Jinye stretched out his hand and touched the position of his left chest.

    He tilted his head and glanced at the temporarily empty bed next to him. Lin Juexiao's quilt was dark gray.

    He doesn't seem to be particular about this kind of thing, but he doesn't like bells and whistles, so it's enough to be simple and clean.

    There was no smell on the quilt, only the soapy fragrance that Lin Juexiao often had on his body, and Zhou Jinye's Adam's apple rolled silently.

    He didn't even dare to put his hands on the quilt, Zhou Jinye raised his head and tried to divert his attention with difficulty.

    Lin Juexiao's room is very clean. He doesn't like shopping very much at first, and the things he buys are all practical, and the cabinets in the room are not even full.

    The Lego that only had half of the cabinet should be made by Lin Juexiao himself. This is the first time Zhou Jinye has found Lin Juexiao's hobby that is more like a young man.

    Lin Juexiao does not smoke, drink, or play disco.

    That's why he felt that Lin Juexiao was like a calm lake in summer, sparkling with sunlight.

    He stared at Lego, a little novel, but when he thought about it carefully, it was indeed something that Lin Juexiao would like.

    It takes patience and time-consuming, and it is very satisfying to collect after putting it away.

    When Zhou Jinye watched in a daze, the door suddenly opened and Lin Juexiao came in from outside.

    His pajamas were the short-sleeved shirts he wore in his early years. The white fabric was washed a little thinly, but it was not transparent, which only made his thin shoulder blades more obvious.

    Lin Juexiao was a little sloppy at home, wearing a pair of comfortable big pants, stepping on flip-flops whose soles were almost worn out, and lay lazily beside Zhou Jinye.

    As soon as he leaned over, it seemed as if a stream of heat was rushing towards his face, wrapped in the fragrance of soap that was neither heavy nor light.

    Lin Juexiao was very relaxed when he was lying on the bed. He didn't feel uncomfortable because there were more people on the bed. He kicked the shoes off his feet and slipped into the quilt.

    There was only one quilt on the bed, and he made little movements to loosen it, but the wind still got in from outside.

    Zhou Jinye began to sweat uncontrollably.

    "Is it hot?" Lin

    Juexiao asked, "Would you like to lower the air conditioner?" Zhou Jinye's palms became more and more wet, and pressed tightly against his thighs. He wanted to touch Lin Juexiao, but he couldn't. Dare to touch Lin Juexiao.

    He lowered his head and said in a low voice, "...not hot."

    Lin Juexiao asked with a smile, "What's wrong, you are nervous to sleep with me?"


    "Is that shy?"

    Lin Juexiao's expression changed a little bit, he didn't expect that he would guess right by saying it casually.

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