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Zhou Jinye's habitual biological clock made him open his eyes at six o'clock in the morning. He subconsciously closed his eyes first, preparing to wake up and wake up.

    But suddenly bowing his head, Zhou Jinye froze instantly, his chin brushed against Lin Juexiao's hair inadvertently.

    In other words, he still held Lin Juexiao in his arms.

    Before going to bed last night, he deliberately kept a distance from Lin Juexiao, and he didn't even dare to move, and he didn't know how long he stayed up before falling asleep.

    But now it seems that the distance he deliberately kept has long since been scrapped, and he is now 108,000 miles away from where he slept last night.

    Probably in his sleep, he approached Lin Juexiao unconsciously, and then, following his heart, crossed his arm and hugged him tightly.

    The air conditioner in the room was really cold. Lin Juexiao may have been stuck so close to him because he was following his instinct to find the heat source because it was freezing.

    Zhou Jinye couldn't hold his breath for a moment, as if he was worried that the air leaking from the tip of his nose would disturb Lin Juexiao.

    Lin Juexiao was still sleeping soundly, and the quilt covered half of his face, revealing only Qing Jun's eyebrows.

    Surprisingly, Zhou Jinye didn't move his arm away.

    He lowered his head cautiously, and slowly tightened his arms. Zhou Jinye controlled his strength and brought Lin Juexiao into his arms.

    Lin Juexiao was still sound asleep, but frowned slightly, and Zhou Jinye didn't dare to hug him instantly.

    But after a long time, Lin Juexiao suddenly stretched out his hand again, hugged him backhand as if hugging him, and patted him on the back as if coaxing a child to sleep.

    The places that Lin Juexiao touched seemed to be hot, and Zhou Jinye looked at Lin Juexiao guiltily.

    Lin Juexiao didn't wake up, this was his unconscious action.

    Zhou Jinye breathed a sigh of relief, he closed his eyes again, and rested his head on the pillow.

    His hand on Lin Juexiao's waist has not been released.

    Not long after, he suddenly opened his eyes again, and there was no sleepiness in his eyes.

    Zhou Jinye lowered his eyes and carefully outlined Lin Juexiao's facial features with his eyes, as if he wanted to take a perfect freeze-frame photo with his eyes.

    He knew that what he was doing was wrong, that he shouldn't hold Lin Juexiao so tightly, and that he shouldn't lie on the same bed with Lin Juexiao as if nothing had happened.

    But Zhou Jinye still did it.

    When Zhou Jinye woke up again, he was woken up by Lin Juexiao, and his shoulder was gently pushed by Lin Juexiao.

    He noticed in his sleep that he subconsciously held Lin Juexiao tighter with his backhand, but he reacted abruptly and pulled back his strength instantly.

    "Wake up?"

    Lin Juexiao was not angry, nor did he feel that something was wrong.

    He got up from the bed, but smiled and said, "Do you like to sleep with things in your

    arms?" The residual warmth in his arms disappeared without a trace. Zhou Jinye was a little uncomfortable. He listened to Lin Juexiao's voice, A little guilty.

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