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The end of September was Zhou Jinye's first month of taking the exam after he entered the school. He entered the exam room with a blank face, and finally came out frowning.

    In the first month of high school, the exams are all about giving the students a slap in the face, attacking the students, and putting pressure on the students.

    Zhou Jinye was very unhappy when he was beaten, and Li Huan also cried beside him: "It's over, it's over, I definitely won't be able to score 600 this time, and my mother will definitely beat me up!"

    Zhou Jinye was even more annoyed. It's hard to say whether I can pass an undergraduate course in this exam.

    He's so bad in the test... Will Lin Juexiao tell him?

    According to Lin Juexiao's temperament, he probably won't say anything, but it is estimated that he will be euphemistically asked to work harder.

    What Zhou Jinye was more worried about was that Lin Juexiao would feel that he couldn't learn at home and let him go back to school again.

    After the last exam, he took an early vacation. It was still early, and Lin Juexiao didn't get off work, so he asked him to go home directly, or go to his work place to find him

    Zhou Jinye bought a Coke at the vending machine, "Pfft— —" He opened the drink can with one hand.

    Coke just fell off the vending machine, and the gas inside spurted out at once, Zhou Jinye dodged quickly, and was not splashed.

    He lowered his head and drank a sip of Coke. The iced Coke was quite cool. He took a few sips and threw it into the trash can next to him when he drank half of it.

    It was still hot at the end of September, but it was not as hot as the sun in July and August. Zhou Jinye was carrying his schoolbag and waited on the platform for the bus.

    The seats in the car were almost full. Zhou Jinye stood by the pole in the corner and took out the bluetooth strap.

    Coincidentally, Wang Lei, who had been missing for a month, called him, and he shouted

    loudly—"Brother Ye Zi!!!" Zhou Jinye lowered the voice of his phone and said coldly, "You Could you be quieter?"

    Wang Lei shouted louder: "You don't know how excited I am!!"

    He almost cried as he spoke: "My mother took my cell phone for a month. The first thing I did when I touched it was to contact you. Are you still not happy?"

    Zhou Jinye hummed a few times perfunctorily.

    Wang Lei's enthusiasm was almost exhausted. He was used to Zhou Jinye's appearance, but Zhou Jinye was cold-faced and warm-hearted.

    You can't feel his enthusiasm on weekdays, but when you need his help, he just "um" and silently helps you.

    "How are you in Ningcheng?"

    "It's good."

    Wang Lei asked, "Is it used to eat, live, and eat?"

    Zhou Jinye said lightly, "I moved to the next city to live, not halfway across China.

    " Cough cough—" Wang Lei coughed a few times, "Is your brother reliable?"

    "Which brother?"

    Wang Lei said, "Of course it's your own brother!"

    "It's okay."

    Zhou Jinye frowned and asked back: "Why don't you ask the brother who takes care of me?"

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