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Zhou Jinye did release water. He not only released the Pacific Ocean, but also the four oceans, and he released it openly.

    From the time Lin Juexiao came on the court, Zhou Jinye's style of play suddenly converged, more than a minute and a half.

    He never took Lin Juexiao's ball, nor intercepted Lin Juexiao's ball, and even more extreme -- he even fed Lin Juexiao the ball.

    Every time it seemed that he wanted to pass the ball to Zhou Yuchen, who was on the same team as him, but his palm suddenly turned over and threw the ball to Lin Juexiao, who was standing next to Zhou Yuchen.

    But his expression didn't change at all.

    There will be no surprise of mistakes, and no guilty conscience given to waterproofing. Zhou Jinye's movements are naturally as if Lin Juexiao is his teammate.

    Lin Juexiao held back a smile, caught the ball passed by Zhou Jinye, and shot forward with a back dribble.     Zhou Yuchen opened his arms speechlessly and came to stop Lin Juexiao

    , and what made him even more speechless happened - Zhou Jinye got rid of Du Pengchi who was guarding him, his black eyes moved, and suddenly ran neatly in their direction.     Just when Zhou Yuchen thought that Zhou Jinye was going to plug the water stopper back, Zhou Jinye crossed an arm and blocked between him and Lin Juexiao.     He didn't come to defend Lin Juexiao, he came to help Lin Juexiao defend Zhou Yuchen.     His teammate Zhou Yuchen was firmly blocked by him. Zhou Jinye helped Lin Juexiao block Zhou Yuchen with his body, and urged Lin Juexiao to say, "You can cast now." It     seems that the 2V2 on the court is about to become 3V1 . Well, this has just begun, and Zhou Jinye has defected.     Lin Juexiao laughed so hard that she didn't even have the strength to shoot the ball. The basketball bounced a few times, and she was about to roll into the distance aggrieved.     Zhou Jinye stretched out his legs, blocked the basketball with his feet, and bent down to pick up the ball. He held the ball and looked like he wanted to put the ball into Lin Juexiao's hands again.

Lin Juexiao squatted down on the ground with a smile, shook his hand to refuse, he looked at Zhou Jinye and said, "I told you to release water, you just release it?"

    "...No." Zhou Jinye bit his head and said, "I didn't release water. , you played hard."

    Zhou Yuchen was amused and said, "You mean you didn't release the water?"

    This ball was originally played for fun, and no one was angry because of this kind of thing. Zhou Yuchen probably thought it was funny and held back. After laughing a few times, he said angrily: "I was almost drowned by the water you put on the court."

    He stretched and dragged Du Pengchi, who was watching the play, into the aisle: "If you don't play, don't play. Now, let's fight you two." The

    two of them sat on the ground next to Chen Chao, Du Pengchi took off his eyes and wiped the hem of his clothes: "Your brother is very interesting."

    Chen Chao was also laughing : "Yes, the elbow is turned out."

    "What do you know?" Zhou Yuchen rolled his eyes, "I only saw him in August, he has been with Jue Xiao, it's not normal for them to be familiar with each other. Is something wrong?"

    "Really?" Chen Chao frowned and asked, "Then your brother is too clingy, why do I feel like kissing too much?"

    Zhou Yuchen said indifferently: "It's normal, my brother still Little, it's okay to be clingy, right?"

    Chen Chao gave him a white look and said, "Your brother is almost eighteen this year, not eight years old."

    "Eight and eighteen are the same in my eyes." Zhou Yuchen said, "Fuck Just after he left, he came here by himself again, isn't it normal to rely on Juexiao a little more?"

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