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Today's rain seems to be different from the one in the summer vacation. The cold air in the late spring mixed with the rain is a chill that makes people shudder.

    Zhou Jinye seemed to be soaked all over his body, but his palms seemed to have dry heat.

    When he raised his hand, there was an uncontrollable tension, like being immersed in sea water, the faint suffocation slightly gripped his heart, beating very unevenly.

    Zhou Jinye took a deep breath and put his fiery palm on Lin Juexiao's shoulder.

    This time Lin Juexiao's shirt was not wet.

    The shirt was made of soft pure cotton, which looked impervious to flesh, but felt like thin silk to the touch.

    Zhou Jinye took Lin Juexiao's shoulders and took him a little more under the umbrella.

    His palms were hot, but he could sensitively feel the warmth on Lin Juexiao's shoulders. Zhou Jinye always felt that Lin Juexiao's body temperature was higher than his.

    Suddenly, Lin Juexiao suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed his arm and said, "Come closer to me, the rain will fall on you.

    " The white shirt was still stained with water vapor.

    Not because of the rain, but because of being too close to Zhou Jinye.

    Zhou Jinye stopped in an instant, and continued to walk forward as if stuck. With red ears, he carefully avoided the deep and shallow puddles in front of him.

    The sound of the rain was like an incomplete piece of music, Zhou Jinye's footsteps became more natural, and his arms around Lin Juexiao gradually relaxed.

    It's just a pity for him that the road is too short.

    He held an umbrella and let Lin Juexiao get in the car first, then circled around again, stepping on the puddle and sitting close to the co-pilot.

    When the road was blocked on a rainy day, Lin Juexiao took a package of tissues to Zhou Jinye, turned on the hot air conditioner in the car, and said,

    "Wipe it first, be careful of catching a cold."

    His voice was mixed with the "crackling" torrential rain outside, which was different from the hustle and bustle: "When you go back, you can quickly take a bath, and then I will make you a cup of ginger tea."

    "If you don't have an umbrella, just follow I said." Lin Juexiao's tone sounded a little reproachful, "Why did you just rush out?"

    Zhou Jinye took several sheets of paper to wipe the water droplets off his body, and when he heard the words, he felt guilty and whispered: "Forget it. ."

    Lin Juexiao said: "You should also put an umbrella in your schoolbag. Now that the seasons are changing, it is estimated that the rain will be more frequent."


    After returning home, Lin Juexiao urged Zhou Jinye to take a shower. He didn't get much rain himself, but his clothes were a little wet.

    After he went to the bedroom to change clothes, he ran to the kitchen to make a bowl of ginger tea.

    Waiting for Zhou Jinye to come out of the bathroom, Lin Juexiao pushed the ginger tea to him: "Drink it first."

    Lin Juexiao cut too many ginger slices, and the smell of ginger was strong as soon as it entered the nose, Zhou Jinye didn't say a word, Simply suffocated a bowl.

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