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Marinette's eyes fluttered open, surrounded with the warmth of the welcoming sunlight. Her body felt sore, countless love marks pigmented her pale skin. A small smile spread across her pink lips when she thought about last night, her dainty fingers tracing across the bruise on her neck.

Her blue eyes glanced towards the blonde sleeping peacefully beside her, getting a beautiful view of his toned back.

The bluenette smiled, pressing a small kiss on the back of his shoulder before getting up and slipping on one of his shirts

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The bluenette smiled, pressing a small kiss on the back of his shoulder before getting up and slipping on one of his shirts. His shoulders were so broad and the wide part of the collar on his t-shirt loosely slipped off of her shoulder. She pulled on her black panties and pulled her hair into a effortlessly messy ponytail.

The bluenette softly hummed while heading over his empty counter and powering on his rather pricey coffee machine. While she waited for the mug to fill she quickly scrolled through a playlist of her old favorite songs. She remembered her teenage romance stage, listening to corny music just for fun.

She always was a bit of a hopeless romantic...

A certain song on her playlist caught her eye, because it used to be her favorite. The thought of risking to fall for someone that might not always be in your life used to excite her, because she was always convinced that good things never lasted. Her eyes shifted back to the seemingly perfect man in bed. His tan skin glimmering in the sunlight.

She didn't ever want to let him go...

The bluenette sighed and pressed play on the song, the sudden music startling her before she turned the volume down a bit. She heard Adrien shift in bed behind her, probably slipping on his black boxers. Marinette turned and leaned against the counter, crossing her arms. She smirked at Adrien who slowly got out of bed, a smile on his face when he spot her.

"Yeah you can call me lover boy, they say I throw my heart around... And you can be my lover girl, I'll pick you up... drive you around." 🎶

She almost forgot how tall he was, her heart racing when he began to walk over to her. Each plane of muscle looked unfairly sexy in the lighting, his abs flexed like in the magazines. He looked even better than in the photos... "Looks like someone's up." He teased, finally standing directly in front of her.

"I'll show you how to fall in love, we'll be the talk of all the town... Now everybody wants to be like us, they're gettin jealous feel it now... Oh wow." 🎶

She placed her hands on the edge of the marble counter, staring up at the blonde. "I wanted to make you something to start your day." She offered thoughtfully, and he chuckled. "I think I'd prefer you over coffee any day." He said, grabbing her hips and easily lifting her onto the counter.

"Kill the lights, oh baby close your eyes... The way you're lookin at me, you got me mesmerized. Feel like I can't escape, you got me lost in space..." 🎶

He firmly captured her lips with his own in a slow and passionate kiss. It made her heart flutter in her chest, and she wondered if he had felt the same thing. She kissed him back, her thin fingers wrapping around his neck and leading into his hair. He pressed his forehead against hers, "I love you." He spoke, as if he was afraid of her answer like she had somehow lost feelings overnight.

"You got that good lovin, girl if you leave me I might throw my heart away... You know my heart can't take the break..." 🎶

"I love you too, Adrien."

"Nothing will ever be the same..." 🎶


"IT'S ONLY BEEN FOUR DAYS SINCE THE LAST TIME I TALKED TO YOU AND YOU DID WHAT?!?" Alya exclaimed before sipping onto her iced tea. Marinette laughed a little, "Yeah... I might've got a little carried away." She said while looking to the side, the brunette snorted at her casual words.

The two were currently seated at a diner booth in the middle of the day, talking about the incident that had occurred last night. "A little? I think what you meant to say is, 'I lost my virginity to the hottest bad boy model fuck face because he called me princess, wrote me notes with roses, and bought me breakfast." The sassy brunette complained.

"Yeah, I think you got a little too comfortable, while comforting Mr. Playboy... I thought I taught you better." Alya said in a matter of fact tone, and Marinette scoffed in an almost defensive way. "Yeah well who do you think lended Nino the 'super hot car' during your date? Mr. Playboy." The bluenette retaliated while crossing her arms.

The noticeable blush that formed on Alya's face was out of both embarrassment and discomfort. "Y-you mean... The car that we..."

"Yes. The car you had sex with Nino in."

There was a few moments of unsettling silence that occurred between the two, when the waiter came by to ask if they were ready to order their meals. "Actually could we have a few more minutes, I still have to look at the menu." Marinette spoke, and the water nodded before stepping away from the obviously heated conversation.

Alya cleared her throat, "He... He has a very nice car." She spoke awkwardly, folding her hands in front of her. Marinette laughed, "Come on Als, it's gonna take more than that for you to earn back my favor." The brunette sighed white Marinette smirked and sipped her strawberry lemonade.

"Fine... I'm sorry. That kind of bit me in the ass." Alya remarked with a nod of approval from the bluenette. Alya shrugged it off and asked an interesting question, "So... I'm kind of curious now since he's a pretty boy with a hot body." The brunette said before she cleared her throat to speak, "So how was he?"

Marinette choked on her drink.

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