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Lin Juexiao was still in a bad mood for the next time. Jiang Miaomiao heard about the afternoon and came over earlier.

    She has been in this profession for many years more than Lin Juexiao, but she can't say anything comforting, because many things have to be figured out by herself.

    She could only take out a dessert from a bag that could fit a boat and gave it to Lin Juexiao.

    When Jiang Miaomiao came, Lin Juexiao could leave earlier.

    The drive tonight was also silent and silent, and Lin Juexiao didn't seem to have laughed since the afternoon.

    Zhou Jinye was sitting in the co-pilot, and his eyes would pass over Lin Juexiao from time to time. He felt that he was a little useless and could not help Lin Juexiao at all.

    When he got home, Zhou Jinye went into the kitchen to cook first and said, "I'll cook, you can rest for a while."

    Lin Juexiao said "um" in a low mood.

    Zhou Jinye stood in front of the stove, and when he twisted his hand, the flame jumped and came alive.

    Lin Juexiao and him have been too busy these days, and no one has found that the refrigerator has run out of vegetables. Zhou Jinye's hopes of cooking a delicious meal for Lin Juexiao to comfort him have all been extinguished.

    Fortunately, there are still a few eggs left, and there is still leftover rice in the rice cooker, so it is no problem to make egg fried rice.

    Zhou Jinye skillfully fried two bowls of egg fried rice, and gave Lin Juexiao the portion with more eggs.

    Lin Juexiao said with a strong smile, "You're already in the third year of high school, so you shouldn't be allowed to cook."

    "It's fine." Zhou Jinye said.

    He added again: "You eat more."

    The atmosphere at the dinner table was different from before, Zhou Jin game watched Lin Juexiao with rice to eat like he was chewing wax.

    Lin Juexiao's eyebrows were still unconsciously frowning. When he was in a bad mood, his usual smiling eyes dimmed, like the starlight that was smothered.

    Zhou Jinye's heart seemed to be blocked by something, and the feeling of being stuck in his throat made him uncomfortable.

    He doesn't seem to see Lin Juexiao like this, and he wants Lin Juexiao to smile like he used to.

    "You... it's really good."

    Zhou Jinye said, his mouth was originally stupid, and he was even more speechless when he looked at Lin Juexiao.

    He held it for a while, and said in a low voice, "You are the best person I have ever met."

    After he finished speaking, he frowned in annoyance. The praise was so unskilled that any kindergartener could say it.

    Zhou Jinye licked his lower lip, and after thinking about it, he squeezed out the words: "You have already saved the lives of many pets, and have made many pet owners happy."

    He stared at Lin Juexiao and said word by word: "You really have It's great."

    After dinner, Lin Juexiao went to take a shower, he didn't wear half clothes when he came out, Zhou Jinye happened to be outside, was stabbed by his dazzling white skin, and looked away in a panic.     However, Lin Juexiao

    waved at him: "Jinye."

    "Ah?" Zhou Jinye responded bewilderedly, not even daring to raise his head.     "Come here." Lin Juexiao said, laying down on the sofa, "help me get on and off the ointment."     His mood seemed to have improved, at least it was not as cloudy as before, and he couldn't wait for Zhou Jinye The answer, he looked back and shouted in doubt: "Jinye?"     Zhou Jinye ran over as if he had finally recovered, he took the ointment in Lin Juexiao's hand and obediently beside him Squat down.     Lin Juexiao lay on the sofa with his back up, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he didn't look at the movement behind him.     He bought the ointment for Zhou Jinye at the time, and it was no different from a brand new one. Zhou Jinye held his breath, sipped the head of the ointment, and squeezed a small piece into his hand.     He deliberately kept out of Lin Juexiao's sight, but now he inevitably moved over.

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