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The secret is like a necklace hidden in a treasure box, covered with dust and dust, and the shiny diamonds are beginning to wear out, as if they have been polished by a dark stone, but no one knows it.

    Zhou Jinye knew that he liked Lin Juexiao, and it was only a secret that he knew alone.

    He also knew that he shouldn't like Lin Juexiao at all.

    But "like" is a wave that breaks through the shackles of the heart, a forbidden area that no one can control, and a gutter that even adults can capsize.

    Zhou Jinye couldn't help but like Lin Juexiao, he could only hide this secret deeper - at least before the college entrance examination, he would not let Lin Juexiao know this secret.

    Because he knew that he was "younger brother" in Lin Juexiao's eyes. If he knew that the younger brother he cared for had those filthy feelings towards him, Lin Juexiao... would definitely drive him away.

    Zhou Jinye can also distinguish the order of priority. He knows that the most important thing now is the college entrance examination, and only by doing well in the test can he make Lin Juexiao feel at ease.

    When he came down to study, he was really ruthless. He slept five or six hours a day. After school, he went home for online classes. The lights in the room didn't go out until the early morning.

    Even after finally having a three-day National Day holiday, Zhou Jinye didn't go out to play, so he did the quizzes at home.

    Later, at the age of eighteen years when a boy regarded his hair as his life, Zhou Jinye even cut his own hair.     When Lin

    Juexiao saw it for the first time, he was startled. Standing at the door, he didn't even have time to put the bag in his hand. Now

, he touched his exposed forehead uncomfortably, and asked, "Is it ugly?"

    In fact, it has nothing to do with ugliness. Zhou Jinye's hair is only a little longer than the board inch, so he is very picky. The hairstyle of the face, because it is particularly easy to expose the defects of the face.

    But Zhou Jinye's facial features are deeper than those of ordinary Asians, with a high nose and a straight, double eyelid wrinkles.

    It's not ugly to cut this hair, it's just a simple change of shape.

    "It's not ugly." Lin Juexiao smiled and commented, "It's very clean."

    Out of curiosity, he wanted to touch Zhou Jinye's current hair, and Lin Juexiao asked politely, "Can you touch it for me? Do you want to ?"

    Without him speaking, Zhou Jinye lowered his head voluntarily.

    Lin Juexiao felt a little regretful when he opened his mouth, and said jokingly: "It's a bit thorny, it's not so comfortable to touch."

    He just said casually, and then asked: "Why do you want to cut your hair?"

    "Because... the hair is long. It's too troublesome to blow it after washing." After a while, Zhou Jinye said again: "When I finish the college entrance examination... I will grow my hair."     Lin

    Juexiao smiled and replied , "Okay."     Zhou Jinye's efforts are very useful, and he has a lot of room for improvement.     But the moment he received the transcript, he was still dissatisfied. Zhou Jinye frowned slightly, but Li Huan next to him patted him on the shoulder excitedly: "Fuck! You are a bull! Passed English!" The     passing grade is nine Ten points, Zhou Jinye raised thirty points for almost a month.     "But yes, I think you're going to be crazy about memorizing words and doing test papers." Li Huan said, "It's normal to be able to give 30 points."     Zhou Jinye silently moved to the left, putting aside Li Huan's clapped hand, lightly He said: "Not enough."     Still not enough, except for English, his other test scores can only be said to be slightly improved than before.     The reason why English is mentioned so much is because the base is low and the room for improvement is large.     From 60 to 90, it may only take a month, but from 90 to 120, he does not know how much time he will spend.

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