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Going down the mountain is easier than going up the mountain.

    After going down the mountain, Lin Juexiao realized that Zhou Jinye had called his full name just now, and his back was sweating. Lin Juexiao felt a little hot, took off his jacket and hung it in front of the car and asked, "You What did you just call me?"

    The camera bag on Zhou Jinye's neck was heavy, and after the unparalleled excitement and excitement subsided, he licked his lips and said without any confidence: "Calling you... Lin Juexiao ." Taking

    this opportunity, He recited Lin Juexiao's name again, but it was as slow as ever, as if he was chewing words.

    Calling "Brother Jue Xiao" and calling him "Lin Jue Xiao" are completely different feelings.


    Juexiao was not angry either, and asked jokingly, "Don't call me brother?" Zhou Jinye kicked his bicycle's legs with ease, and involuntarily propped himself on the ground, even the tendency to move forward with the bicycle stopped.

    Soon he was riding again.

    Zhou Jinye chased Lin Juexiao, who had fallen far, up, followed him like a shadow, and whispered, "Brother."

    Calling "Brother" and "Brother Juexiao" are completely different feelings.

    He doesn't know if others are like this. In front of the person he likes, he racks his brains and always misses the most intimate name.     Zhou Jinye's ears were flushed red in the wind, and his hand gripping the handlebars began to tighten. He pressed close to Lin

    Juexiao's side and shouted again, "Brother."

No, I just thought it was interesting for a big boy like Zhou Jinye to shout out.

    But he vaguely felt that Zhou Jinye's call was a bit wrong. Lin Juexiao didn't think much about it, just smiled and said "um" again, and regarded it as a response.

    Lin Juexiao's car was still parked in the same place, they put themselves on the side of the road and got into the car again.

    It's only after seven o'clock, but just after exercising, neither of them is sleepy, let alone go back to sleep and go back to sleep, so I'm just going to have breakfast before going back.

    Lin Juexiao drove the car and found a casual breakfast shop and sat in.

    The breakfast restaurant after seven o'clock was crowded with people. Lin Juexiao used his feet to get out of the plastic chair and sat on it. He looked up at the menu posted on the wall and asked, "What do you want to eat, I'll order."

    Zhou Jinye teased He raised his eyelids and glanced at it: "Rice balls and soy milk."

    "Salty soy milk or sweet soy milk?"

    Zhou Jinye answered without hesitation: "Salty."

    Lin Juexiao smiled in surprise, propped his chin and stared at Zhou Jinye and said: "It's a coincidence, I also like salty soy milk."

    He raised his hand and said to the boss, "Two rice balls, plus two cups of salty soy milk, thank you!"

    After breakfast, Lin Juexiao returned with Zhou Jinye Family.

    Lin Juexiao didn't have to go to work today, and as soon as he got home, he hurried to walk the dog.

    Zhou Jinye had an online class to take, so he couldn't follow him, so he could only go back to his room and open a laptop.

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