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After the final exam of the third year of high school, it was another make-up class. On the day before the New Year's Eve, Zhou Jinye felt the taste of the holiday.

    The grades have already been released. In the past few months, he has almost become numb in the exams. Although his progress has been slow, his scores have been rising.

    According to this trend, he should be able to be admitted to the school he wants to test.

    Amidst the cheers, Zhou Jinye calmly stuffed a thick stack of test papers into his schoolbag. It is estimated that two-thirds of the winter vacation time was spent doing the questions.

    Because Lin Juexiao has something to do today, he wants to go back by himself, so Zhou Jinye is not in a hurry. By the time he finishes packing, half of the people in the class have left.

    The weather was already very cold, and Zhou Jinye stopped riding a bicycle and took the bus home.

    When he got home, he first boiled a pot of water in the thermos, and then filled the cat food and dog food. The phone rang suddenly. Zhou Jinye looked down and looked a little surprised.

    Lin Juexiao doesn't usually call over, and he always sends WeChat messages when he has something. Through the phone, Lin Juexiao's voice sounds a little distorted.

    "Hey, Jinye?"

    Zhou Jinye was stunned, and subconsciously responded, "I'm here."

    Lin Juexiao's voice was like a stuck tape, and he paused and said, "Just... Yuchen called today. I, let you go home for dinner with him, your father is here, are you going?"

    After a few months, Lin Juexiao also saw that Zhou Jinye and Zhou Yuchen should really not get close, but for Zhou Jinye's consideration , he still hoped that the two of them could get to know each other better.

    Zhou Jinye held the phone and didn't speak.

    The Chinese New Year is coming soon, and he took it for granted that he would spend it with Lin Juexiao.

    But in fact, he has his own relatives in this city, and Lin Juexiao also has his own.

    When the winter vacation came, Zhou Yuchen was free, and his father, whom he didn't remember at all, came back, he must have to go home.

    Although Zhou Jinye felt that Lin Juexiao only called home here.


    The water in the thermos jumped to the highest temperature, and after the alarm sounded, hot steam came out of the spout.

    Zhou Jinye was scorched by the heat, he came back to his senses and looked down at his fingers.

    He gave a nonchalant "um", which sounded the same as usual.

    Lin Juexiao rushed home before night. He came over specially to send Zhou Jinye to Zhou Yuchen's place, but when he got home, Zhou Yuchen said he came to pick up Zhou Jinye again.

    The winter clothes are thick, even if the third year of high school only takes eight days off, Zhou Jinye still packs the whole suitcase.

    He really likes black, and he wears all black again. The long down jacket is very sculpted, but it looks even taller when worn on Zhou Jinye.

    Zhou Jinye's hair grew a little longer, and it covered his forehead worthy, his clean brows and eyes were exposed, and his well-defined eyelashes drooped lightly.

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