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Lin Juexiao was afraid that he would freeze, so he urged Zhou Jinye to go upstairs after sending the red envelope. Zhou Jinye began to regret that he came down without wearing a coat. He wanted to stay in the car for a while, but the air conditioner in the car could not heat up temporarily.

    "Go back." Lin

    Juexiao said, "It's cold in the car, you will catch a cold." Zhou Jinye was speechless, and reluctantly got out of the car. He stood beside the car and whispered, "Then I'm leaving?"

    Lin Juexiao "Well," he said, "Go back to bed early, don't stay up late."

    "Got it." Zhou Jinye paused, then said, "You also go to bed early."

    He walked a few steps, but couldn't help turning his head and staring at With Lin Juexiao's words, he said, "Good night."

    Lin Juexiao opened the car window and waved his hand at him. When his eyebrows were raised, he looked like a crescent moon in the sky. He said, "Jinye, good night."

    Zhou Jinye had to go back no matter how reluctant he was, but he was in a better mood when he went back, and the low pressure on his body seemed to dissipate.

    The red envelope was quietly stuffed into the pocket of his clothes, revealing only a small red horn inadvertently.

    Zhou's father and other elders were playing mahjong in the small room. He opened the door and saw that Zhou Yuchen was exhausted. Among the juniors, Zhou Yuchen was the oldest, and the oldest was only about the same as Zhou Jinye.

    The kids are a little more.

    Zhou Yuchen thought that the group of children was exhausted, so she slumped on the sofa and decided to leave it alone.

    Zhou Jinye was still air-conditioned when he came in, and his lips were frozen white. Zhou Yuchen was taken aback: "What are you doing at night?"

    "It's nothing." Zhou Jinye said this first, but he suddenly Glancing at Zhou Yuchen, he said, "Brother Jue Xiao just came to see me."

    When he said these words, he showed a bit of a subtle show, and Zhou Yuchen couldn't hear it at all.

    He poured a cup of hot water for Zhou Jinye, handed it over and asked, "Then why doesn't he come up and sit down?"

    "Oh." Zhou Jinye's answer was wrong, and his tone was indifferent, "He came to give me New Year's money."

    Zhou Yuchen: "?"

    "Then Jue Xiao is gone now?"

    Zhou Jinye nodded lightly: "He Let's go."

    Zhou Jinye's mood improved at a speed visible to the naked eye, although the corner of his mouth was still not smiling, he even played a game with the little boy beside him who had been arguing.

    Playing the oldest 97 The King of Fighters, the game was cast on the TV screen, Zhou Jinye was leaning on the sofa, and the little boy next to him sat upright.

    Zhou Yuchen always liked to play games, and the controller was specially equipped at home. Zhou Jinye tapped the keys expressionlessly.

    Action skillfully hit "K O" out.

    He put the handle down without any psychological pressure, and left a light sentence, "I'll go do my homework first." He left the little boy who was almost beaten to tears by Zhou Yuchen, and went back to his room by himself.

    It says it's a room, but it's actually a room.

    There was nothing in the room except a bed and a table, but fortunately there was air conditioning.

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