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Zhou Jinye's expression turned cold in an instant, his eyes were already dark, and when they darkened, they seemed even more unapproachable, but he didn't look like he was provoked.

    Before the start of school, he took time to get a haircut again. At the barber shop downstairs, Mr. Tony didn't make a big deal, and his hair was even shorter than last time.

    When he raised his eyebrows to look at people, he was unnaturally tinged with coldness.

    Zhou Jinye put the test paper in his hand aside, and asked in a calm tone, "Then what?"

    He wasn't really afraid that Liang Junming would send this video out. He didn't care about the rumors. At that time, the promise to transfer schools was just a pile of various things. It was so annoying that he changed schools.

    And now in the third year of high school, his main energy is all on his studies, and he doesn't care what others say behind his back.

    Even if Liang Junming posted the video, the school would not let him drop out of school for this reason. At most, his classmates would alienate him.

    However, Zhou Jinye was originally a general school student, and he only knew Li Huan well in school, and there were only a handful of words he had spoken to other people.

    Therefore, if Liang Junming does not post this video, it will not threaten him at all, nor will it have any impact on his current dull life.

    Liang Junming suddenly gave him a friendly smile, as if he and Zhou Jinye were good friends: "Let's talk?"

    Zhou Jinye was not afraid or false, but he still got up.

    There was a brief, harsh sound of the chair being dragged on the floor, and he was still a little apprehensive, he was only concerned that someone would know.

    He was only afraid that Lin Juexiao would know.

    Probably because the atmosphere between the two of them was too tit-for-tat, Li Huan didn't say a word by the side, and when Zhou Jinye got up and passed by him, he stopped Zhou Jinye.

    Liang Junming stepped out first, and Li Huan pulled Zhou Jinye, worried and cautiously warned: "Don't hit people!"

    Zhou Jinye's expression now made him look cautious, exactly the same as when he beat Dong Lesheng at the time when he didn't agree with each other.

    Zhou Jinye lowered his head, glanced at him inexplicably, and said, "I won't hit anyone."

    He promised Lin Juexiao not to cause trouble, that is, he won't cause trouble.

    There were many people in the corridor of the school. Liang Junming was still walking towards the end of the corridor, but Zhou Jinye called him: "Let's just say it.

    " I mean, seeing Liang Junming turning back, Zhou Jinye frowned slightly.

    He was a little annoyed by the way Liang Junming looked at him, as if he wanted to stick his eyes on him.

    Zhou Jinye saw that he didn't speak for a long time, so he turned around and walked back to the classroom.

    "Zhou Jinye!" Liang Junming stopped him.

    Zhou Jinye stopped, just tilted his head slightly, and said succinctly: "Speak."

    Liang Junming stared at him, and suddenly smiled, friendly and even a little flattering: "I won't post the video, you Do n't worry."

    "It's up to you." Zhou Jinye said calmly, "If you want to send it, you can't send it if you don't want to." If you send

    it, Lin Juexiao will know it too. After Lin Juexiao knows it, he doesn't have to bother himself. of sexual orientation to tell him, but it would still be a bit of a hassle.

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