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After waiting for a long time, it's another very dull chapter.

    The weather before Qingming has gradually started to warm up. At least it's the days when you don't have to wear down jackets every day. It was always rainy in Ningcheng around Qingming. It didn't rain much, but it was continuous.

    Since Zhou Jinye got wet last time, Lin Juexiao stuffed an umbrella into his bag.

    In theory, this umbrella should come in handy today, but Lin Juexiao is coming to pick him up today.

    Zhou Jinye silently took the umbrella out of his schoolbag, put it in the front drawer, and then put on the schoolbag and walked out.

    The rain is fine and small, and it doesn't feel like falling on the body, just like feathers floating by, leaving no traces on the clothes, but the hair is wet from the stray rain.

    He had used this botched trick once, but couldn't help but want to try it again.

    Lin Juexiao stood at the school gate holding an umbrella. He wore a very student-like gray sweater, which was very suitable for this drizzling weather.

    He was stunned when he saw Zhou Jinye who was not holding an umbrella, stretched out his hand, and put the umbrella on Zhou Jinye's head first.

    Lin Juexiao asked in confusion, "Where's the umbrella I gave you?"

    Zhou Jinye grabbed the strap of his schoolbag, and when he heard the words, he explained the reason he had prepared a long time ago, "I lent the umbrella to someone in the class who didn't bring an umbrella. Classmates, I will be fine if it rains for a while."

    Lin Juexiao was surprised for a while, Zhou Jinye's character doesn't seem to take the initiative to borrow someone else's umbrella, it is estimated that someone else asked him.

    He smiled and said, "Okay, but next time you can let someone else send you out first."

    There was still moisture in Zhou Jinye's hair, and Lin Juexiao patiently warned, "No matter how healthy you are, you will catch a cold. ."

    Zhou Jinye lowered his head, his clothes were a little wet, but his body was full of the heat of adolescence.

    He leaned closer to Lin Juexiao without a trace, made a dull and low "um", and then assured, "never next time."

    Let's talk about it next time, Zhou Jinye thought.

    After getting in the car, the rain outside became heavier. Lin Juexiao turned on the wiper in the car and said with emotion, "Fortunately, it didn't rain that much after school, otherwise you might catch a cold again."

    Zhou Jinye blinked Blinking his eyes, he said, "No, I haven't caught a cold for a long time."

    "Don't say that." Lin

    Juexiao said with a smile, "Fuck off." Zhou Jinye obediently pouted a few times without expression. .

    Lin Juexiao smiled softly for a while, and then asked again, "Are you guys close to getting the same?"

    "Yes." Zhou Jinye squeezed his brows and replied, "When I come back from Qingming, I will take the exam next week. "

    Have you been very tired recently?" Lin Juexiao noticed his small movements and said, and he felt that he was asking this knowingly, so he simply said, "I bought some instant coffee at home, but I couldn't make it any longer and brewed it." Drink it."

    Zhou Jinye said, "It's alright, I can endure it."

    He was quite able to endure it, but to be honest, as the college entrance examination approached, even Zhou Jinye couldn't help but start to feel anxious.

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