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Famous Double Standard - Brother Ye Zi

    When they came out of the cemetery, there was light under the dark clouds on a cloudy day, and there were faint traces of light, and the air became no longer gloomy and became much cooler. .

    Two large camphor trees stood at the door, like Ying Ting's guards. The moment Zhou Jinye came out, he suddenly stopped, looked back, and finally slowly retracted his gaze.

    Just like Lin Juexiao said, if he wants to be happy, his mother wouldn't want to see him like this.

    Lin Juexiao stood aside and waited quietly for a while. There seemed to be a magnetic field on Zhou Jinye's body, and he could feel Zhou Jinye's emotions slowly easing.

    Zhou Jinye was originally a strong person, but asking too many questions would be bad.

    Lin Juexiao raised his hand and touched the brim of his hat, and asked, "It's only noon, shall we go after a meal together?"

    "I..." Zhou Jinye simply took off his hat, held it in his hand, and asked, "A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to eat together, would you?" "No." Lin     Juexiao said

    , "It doesn't seem right." He smiled and looked at Zhou Jinye and said, "Would you like to have dinner with him?

, I'll find a place to wait for you?"

    According to Lin Juexiao's understanding, a boy of Zhou Jinye's age should like to be alone with his friends, although he is not much older than Zhou Jinye, but after all, a generation gap of four years.

    What's more, Zhou Jinye didn't have any friends in Ningcheng. Now that he has finally returned to Hangcheng, he should have a lot to talk about with his friends. When he is away, the two of them can be more open.

    "No." Zhou Jinye refused quickly, "Then I won't go to him, I'll have dinner with you."

    Lin Juexiao didn't respond immediately: "Huh?" Then, he asked again: "I really don't want to go. Ah?"

    Zhou Jinye shook his head and said, "No." The

    result was different from what Lin Juexiao thought. He tentatively asked Zhou Jinye, "Then how about I accompany you to see friends?"

    Zhou Jinye pursed his lower lip and said, "It's fine if you don't want to go, you don't need to accommodate me."

    "No, no, that's not what I meant just now." Lin Juexiao waved his hand and smiled, "I'm afraid you will be embarrassed, I'm here. , you may be embarrassed to say a lot of things, right?"

    "No." Zhou Jinye clenched his thumbs tightly and whispered, "I have nothing that you cannot know." In the

    end, Lin Juexiao followed.

    Before the Qingming Festival, Wang Lei let Zhou Jinye have dinner together indiscriminately, and he made several consecutive phone calls last night.

    He didn't know that he was about to be pigeons, so he stood happily waiting for someone at the door of the shop he had made an appointment with. When he saw Zhou Jinye's figure, he immediately cheered, waved his hands and shouted, "Brother Jinye!!!"

    He The shouting was too loud, Zhou Jinye's first reaction was to look at Lin Juexiao who was walking beside him.

    There was a teasing smile on the corner of Lin Juexiao's mouth, obviously, he heard it.

    Wang Lei didn't think it was enough, so he shouted excitedly: "Brother Yezi!!"

    Zhou Jinye covered his face subconsciously, but couldn't stop Lin Juexiao's voice, "Brother Yezi?"

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