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Although I don't think I should read my article from the point of view of the college entrance examination, I still say something -- come on for the college entrance examination, the title of the gold list! (PS: There are not many supporting roles, so I will be off the assembly line soon.)

    When I go back to Qingming, I will take a model test. I don't give anyone the slightest preparation.

    This time it was the joint entrance examination for the entire Ningcheng, so he could accurately know his ranking in the entire city.

    Zhou Jinye walked out of the examination room with no expression, with only a black pen, a scribble pen, and an admission ticket in his hand.

    The weather just got a little warmer, and Zhou Jinye started to wear only short sleeves again. He maintained his usual iceberg face, ready to go back to work when there were fewer people.

    Zhou Jinye was leaning against the back door, tall and straight, and many girls passing by would subconsciously give him a sneak peek.

    Zhou Jinye walked into the class only after the crowd of people at the entrance of the stairs was less like a trend.

    Every time after the exam, the classroom was full of ghosts and wolves. Zhou Jinye was used to it. He walked in through the back door without changing his face.

    Li Huan asked him as usual: "How is it?"

    Zhou Jinye's answer has always been the same. From the first time Li Huan asked until now, it has always been the same answer: "It's okay."

    He pulled out his chair and sat down, ready to go to the last session. Self study.

    Zhou Jinye didn't read, but took out his mobile phone and glanced at it. He didn't play with his mobile phone at school, and the battery was still full.

    The chat records on the phone were still on the message Lin Juexiao sent him.

    [Chunmian does not know Xiaoxiao]: Come on for the exam!

    It was followed by a very rustic emoji, almost like a stickman holding a lala flower ball and dancing, with two resplendent typing "Come on" printed next to it.

    Zhou Jinye pointed his finger and said, "The exam is over."

    Lin Juexiao is probably fishing for fish at work, and the speed of replying to news is quite fast.

    [Chun Mian does not realize it]: How was the test?

    Zhou Jinye's fingers stopped, and after hesitating, he marked a completely different answer from what Li Huan said.

    【Z】: Not bad.

    [Chun Mian does not realize Xiaoxiao]: That means you did well in the test!

    [Chun Mian Wu Jue Xiao]: I'm going to buy some food tonight. Let's have a hot pot and celebrate it.

    Zhou Jinye is not blindly confident in himself. He usually knows what he has done after the test.

    He pressed his lips and smiled with a slightly curved eyebrow. Just as he was about to reply to the news, Li Huan next to him coughed piercingly.

    Zhou Jinye subconsciously shoved his phone into the hole on the table, but before he had time, he raised his eyes to meet Director Bi's gaze.

    Director Bi spread out his hands expressionlessly: "Mobile phone."

    "Teacher, I am a general school student."

    "What about general school students?" Now that you have just finished the model test, you will relax!"

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