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I was surfing outside for a while today, I didn't have time to write a short article.

    The air was like the air in winter, it solidified for a moment, and Lin Juexiao's Adam's apple rolled unconsciously in the space where the needles could be heard.

    He and Zhou Jinye seemed to be put into a sealed can together. For a while, no one spoke, so calm that they could only hear their breathing one after another.

    It was the first time that Lin Juexiao was so nervous in front of Zhou Jinye. The pets at home seemed to sense something was wrong with the atmosphere, so they didn't make trouble, and lay on the ground quietly.

    "Jinye." Lin Juexiao felt that he should be the icebreaker, he said softly, "I don't hate it."

    He just kept silent for so long, not because he couldn't accept Zhou Jinye likes boys, he just wanted to pick the most suitable one statement, because this is no small matter.

    Any word he blurted out might accidentally hurt Zhou Jinye.

    Zhou Jinye dared to be so magnanimous in front of him, and so firm to tell his secrets, just because he trusted him.

    The young man's mind is open and enthusiastic, like the fire that burns the most. Lin Juexiao doesn't really want to disappoint Zhou Jinye.

    With a smile on the corner of his mouth, he said, "It sings very well."

    It does sound very good. Different people sing the same song with completely different flavors. Yuan sings the best because Yuan sings the song best. people.

    But Zhou Jinye sang with his own feeling.

    Zhou Jinye was stunned, he didn't expect that Lin Juexiao would turn the topic into this, his eyes stopped at the corner of Lin Juexiao's slightly provocative mouth - the smile was as sincere and gentle as before, without other emotions.

    His shrunken heart suddenly let go, as if he had just stepped on the ground from a roller coaster.

    Zhou Jinye lowered his head, his eyes that were always deserted in front of others seemed to be misty, both correct and hazy.

    His lips were dry, he moved, and he asked in a low voice, "Don't you think I'm disgusting?"

    "Don't think so." Lin Juexiao frowned, "No one will think you are disgusting."

    Lin Juexiao doesn't have a good friend who is gay, but he knows a lot of people, and there are always a few who are different.

    He has also seen an article about homosexuality on the Internet. It took him about three minutes to read it from the beginning to the end, and finally clicked on the comment area.

    The voice in the comment area is the most messy, some people support it, some people hate it.

    Lin Juexiao has always been a loyal neutral party, because he thinks that other people like boys or girls, that's all that person's business.

    Everyone is an independent individual, and he has no right or qualification to stand in the highest point of view and point fingers at other people's emotional life.

    Lin Juexiao's tone slowed down and repeated: "No one will think you are disgusting."

    He patted the seat next to him gently, and said warmly, "You sit next to me."

    Zhou Jinye's dark eyes brightened slightly It stood up, like the faint wick in the street lamp, which was blocked by the white lampshade, not showing at all.

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