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As soon as the

    balcony door slammed, Lin Juexiao who was sitting up subconsciously lay back and pretended to sleep. He closed his eyes tightly and could hear Zhou Jinye's wandering footsteps.

    The sound insulation of the kitchen is not good, and Lin Juexiao can hear the sound of cutting vegetables and the sound of kitchen utensils colliding.

    Knowing that Zhou Jinye would not come out for the time being, Lin Juexiao still didn't dare to move, even his fingers were collapsed, and his hair fluttered in fear.

    He really fell asleep just now, but not so deeply.

    When Zhou Jinye called him, he happened to be half awake, his head went up after drinking, and he thought he was dreaming.

    Before he could wake up, Zhou Jinye's simple cheek kiss caught him off guard, and Lin Juexiao froze on the spot, for fear that Zhou Jinye would find out that he was actually not asleep.

    He closed his eyes, grabbed the pillow on the sofa to block his eyes, and fell into a drowsy darkness after his eyes were blocked.

    Zhou Jinye's kiss was very light, but it seemed to weigh a thousand pounds on his face. Lin Juexiao raised his head and touched it unconsciously.

    He was in a state of turmoil, unable to figure out what he thought, barely condensing his mind to think slowly.

    First, Zhou Jinye said that he likes boys; then, Zhou Jinye kissed him?

    The combination of these two established conditions gave Lin Juexiao an answer that made Lin Juexiao panic. It wasn't that he was narcissistic, but Zhou Jinye had only one result.

    Zhou Jinye likes him.

    Lin Juexiao's chest started to throb, and even if he was such a calm person, he couldn't help but want to stand up and roar a few times now.

    But now he can't, because Zhou Jinye is a college student.

    Still a college student who is going to take the college entrance examination tomorrow, Lin Juexiao not only can't shout now, but also continues to lie down on this sofa and pretend to sleep.

    He couldn't let Zhou Jinye know that he was awake, and he couldn't let Zhou Jinye know that his stolen kiss was discovered.

    As soon as the kitchen door moved, Lin Juexiao hurriedly threw the pillow in his hand, recalled with difficulty the position he first slept in, and hurriedly put his arms in front of his eyes again.

    Lin Juexiao closed his eyes, but his ears were pricked up, and the slightest movement could make him tremble.

    He heard the sound of the acoustic ceramics hitting the coffee table, and then he felt his shoulders being pushed gently by Zhou Jinye.

    I don't know if it was his illusion, Lin Juexiao always felt that the hot air exhaled from the tip of Zhou Jinye's nose hit his ears and wrapped around his neck.


    Juexiao." Zhou Jinye's tone was the same as usual, without the slightest guilt, as if he was not the one who secretly kissed Lin Juexiao just now.


    Lin Juexiao's acting skills are very poor, especially the impact of the previous cognition on him was too great, and he didn't even dare to look directly at Zhou Jinye.

    He covered his mouth and coughed a few times, trying to restrain his wandering eyes, raised his hand and pressed his temple, pretending to be just woken up, and deliberately made up a sandy voice and asked, "Why? Is it?"

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