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Those who took the sixth grade were a little dizzy, so they were a little late. The Dragon Boat Festival is at my friend's house. It may not be updated tomorrow. Try to write it out. This chapter is considered a transitional chapter. In fact, Jinye is so daring because Jue Xiao tolerates him very much.

    Lin Juexiao stood at the door and subconsciously wanted to run away, but Zhou Jinye grabbed his wrist, and he even got tighter and tighter.

    His desire to leave seemed to be caught by Zhou Jinye, Zhou Jinye clasped his fingers harder and harder, and dragged him further into the room.

    Only at this time did Lin Juexiao know how strong Zhou Jinye was, and he couldn't break free at all.

    Before waiting for his answer, Zhou Jinye pursed his lips and repeated: "I like you."

    His two straight balls made Lin Juexiao dizzy. He didn't expect Zhou Jinye to be so straightforward. He originally wanted to talk to Zhou Jinye euphemistically, and then hint Zhou Jinye, so that Zhou Jinye could figure it out earlier.

    But now it seems that the situation is completely unacceptable.

    Zhou Jinye's expression darkened a little, he lowered his head and said in a low voice, "I know you don't like me."

    If it were someone else who was pestered and confessed like this, he would probably have thrown the door and walked away.

    But Lin Juexiao was different. He knew that Lin Juexiao would not do this, so he dared to muster up the courage to confess.

    Whether he was rejected or had a chance, Zhou Jinye always felt that he couldn't hide it from Lin Juexiao. He can't secretly like Lin Juexiao while enjoying Lin Juexiao's kindness to him.

    Because according to Lin Juexiao's slow reaction, he may never understand this matter in his life, and he will always be regarded as his younger brother.

    And no accident - Lin Juexiao promised to take care of him until the end of the college entrance examination, and it seems reasonable that he should move out now.

    It took Lin Juexiao a long time to squeeze out a word: "I..." The

    boy's hand was still stubbornly grasping him, and his cold fingers began to warm up, blending with his body temperature.

    He could only shake his arm first, and said helplessly: "You release your hand first."

    "I don't want it." Zhou Jinye said sullenly, "I'll let go and you'll be gone." As

    if he expected Lin Juexiao not to be angry, he grabbed Lin Juexiao's hand a little harder.

    Lin Juexiao's wrist bones are thin, and his palms are larger than ordinary people's, so he can hold Lin Juexiao's wrist firmly in the palm of his hand.

    Lin Juexiao really didn't get angry, he in turn coaxed Zhou Jinye patiently: "You let go first, let's go in and talk."

    Zhou Jinye no longer blocked the door, but his hand was still not loose, Lin Juexiao felt that his wrist was about to be smashed . He caught fire.

    It wasn't until one person sat on the sofa that Zhou Jinye was willing to move his hand from Lin Juexiao's wrist.

    Lin Juexiao breathed a sigh of relief. Zhou Jinye had scratched a red mark on his wrist bone. He didn't feel anything yet, but Zhou Jinye asked first, "Does it hurt?"     "

    ...No pain."

In everything, except for the youngest Kangkang, it still likes to stick to Zhou Jinye's side, jumping lightly, jumping between him and Lin Juexiao, and lying down like a puddle of water.

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