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    In fact, Zhou Jinye didn't bite hard, he just nibbled lightly, but the flesh of his lips was too sensitive and tender.

    The small wound didn't heal so quickly, and Lin Juexiao subconsciously licked it and tasted the smell of rust.

    Hearing Zhou Jinye's miserable betrayal with him, Lin Juexiao got angry and yelled at Zhou Jinye for the first time: "This is also my first kiss!"

    His lips were still a little sore, and he asked rather speechlessly: "You Does it belong to a dog?"

    Zhou Jinye frowned and said seriously, "No, I belong to a sheep."

    But after coming over for a while, Zhou Jinye seemed to have noticed that Lin Juexiao was angry, and he frowned slightly again. He raised his eyebrows, and finally leaned over, cautiously and tentatively "Wow" at Lin Juexiao.

    Without communication, Lin Juexiao was so angry that his chest hurt a little, and even his breathing was a little urgent. He really felt that he might owe Zhou Jinye something in his last life.

    His breathing became rapid, and his lips opened and closed.

    For a while now, he felt that Zhou Jinye was not sensible at all after drinking, but for a while he felt that Zhou Jinye was acting strangely and obediently.

    It seemed that no matter what he said, Zhou Jinye would do it for him.

    Zhou Jinye stared at Lin Juexiao's lips, his eyes fixed on the small wound, perhaps because Lin Juexiao had licked it, and it was still moist.

    His breathing seemed to be affected by Lin Juexiao, and suddenly became anxious.

    Zhou Jinye didn't play cards according to common sense at all, and suddenly lowered his head - this time he didn't bite Lin Juexiao, but just stuck out his tongue and licked Lin Juexiao's wound.

    Lin Juexiao's eyes widened, and it was unbelievable. He didn't have time to savor Zhou Jinye's ambiguous action, and instinctively pushed Zhou Jinye's shoulders away.

    His movements broke out suddenly, Zhou Jinye couldn't react at all, and he slammed into the door with a dull sound.


    Juexiao's voice was a little cold: "Get out of the way." He knew that Zhou Jinye was drunk to do these actions, but he couldn't help but get angry.

    This is Zhou Jinye's first kiss, and also his first kiss.

    Lin Juexiao doesn't take the first kiss so seriously, but at least it shouldn't be on this occasion.

    It's wrong for him and Zhou Jinye to do this. Zhou Jinye can make trouble unreasonably when he is drunk. He should prevent this from happening when he is still awake.

    The relationship between Zhou Jinye and him was complicated enough to go on like this.

    "Zhou Jinye!" Lin Juexiao called Zhou Jinye's name all over the place, suppressing his anger, and trying his best to calmly say, "I'll buy you sober pills, you let me out." I

    don't know if Zhou Jinye listened Understood, he really moved to the side, but still tightly blocked the door.

    The space he gave up was not big, but it was barely enough for Lin Juexiao to pass.

    As soon as Lin Juexiao opened the door, he finally stepped out with his front foot, but his arm was suddenly pulled, and he fell back a few steps before crashing into Zhou Jinye's arms.

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