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In fact, it is quite difficult to raise so many points in a year, but other people's sons are all academic masters per capita, so don't let our wild son lose too badly! ! ! !

    Zhou Jinye didn't bring his ID card, so he couldn't reopen the room. After a long time, it was too late. He, a big boy, would theoretically have nothing to do if he went back alone, but Lin Juexiao didn't worry about him going back alone when he saw that he couldn't move from the pain just now.

    After all, he was still soft-hearted, and Lin Juexiao could only resign and ask the aunt who came to deliver the porridge to bring the quilt again.

    He took the porridge handed over by his aunt. The porridge was in a plastic bowl, and the bottom of the bowl was still hot.

    Lin Juexiao carefully took it and put it on the table, then touched Zhou Jinye's forehead with the back of his hand, and shouted helplessly: "Get up, drink some porridge to pad your stomach."

    Zhou Jinye didn't eat much at the dinner table, and was hungry for a day. , Drinking red wine is still boring, it is estimated that I can't stand the stimulation of my stomach, so I vomit directly.

    Zhou Jinye said "Oh" softly, Lin Juexiao's fingers touching his forehead were warm, his eyelids trembled slightly, and he got up from the bed.

    I don't know if it's because of the pain, or because the water droplets on my face haven't evaporated or fallen off.

    Zhou Jinye's thick black eyelashes seemed to be soaked in water. He held a bowl to drink porridge with little movement. The porridge was white porridge with no oily smell, and it didn't even have a color matching.

    Very bland and boring taste, but Zhou Jinye drank it quickly.

    There was no sound when the plastic spoon touched the bowl, and no one spoke in the room. Lin Juexiao just sat on the sofa in the distance and watched him eat.

    Zhou Jinye's obedient appearance was completely different from that just now. In fact, Zhou Jinye was quite obedient after drinking. At least, he still listened to his words.

    But it is too clingy, and even willing to move. Whether holding hands or hugging, Zhou Jinye seemed to be looking for an excuse to make physical contact with him.

    He couldn't understand why Zhou Jinye, a big boy who looked cold and cold, looked like this after drinking?

    If Zhou Jinye was someone else, would he be like this?

    When Lin Juexiao was in a daze, he would always lick his lips unconsciously, and the tip of his tongue scratched the wound, and he suddenly came back to his senses.

    Zhou Jinye was too close to him, and Lin Juexiao didn't even dare to touch the wound on his mouth with his fingers.

    He tried to ignore this tiny wound as much as possible, but it seemed to be stuffed into his hippocampus. No matter what he was thinking about, the memory nerves of the brain would eventually return to this wound.

    The doorbell rang just right, and Lin Juexiao ran away to get the quilt from the room service. He declined the idea of ​​aunt wanting to help him lay the quilt.

    Zhou Jinye cast his gaze over, it was dark, first fell on the quilt in his arms, and then shifted to him.

    When he was expressionless, it was quite intimidating to look at people, but as soon as Zhou Jinye opened his mouth, he cautiously probed: "What are you doing with the quilt?"

    Lin Juexiao threw the quilt on the couch by the window and stretched out his hand to make sense. "I sleep on the sofa tonight, you sleep on the bed."

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