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Why do humans procrastinate? Never write during the day, and cry while writing at night, I hate it!

    There seemed to be a tail shaking behind Zhou Jinye, and Lin Juexiao blinked his eyelids, only to realize that it was just his illusion.

    He was even more excited than Zhou Jinye. After Zhou Jinye confessed to him, it was the first time that Lin Juexiao laughed so unburdened in front of Zhou Jinye.

    He still had a good-looking smile.

    Lin Juexiao put aside the awkward relationship between Zhou Jinye and him, raised his hand and smoothed Zhou Jinye's hair, smiled and boasted: "Jinye is great."

    To Zhou Jinye's fiery staring at him, Lin Juexiao's hand only stopped, and it was stuck in half a catty.

    In the end, he retouched Zhou Jinye's hair perfunctorily, and turned his head away, his expression a little embarrassed: "It's amazing, I have raised so many points in a year."

    He almost... Forgot that he can't touch Zhou Jinye's head casually now.

    Zhou Jinye hates others touching his head, but he likes Lin Juexiao's touch very much. Seeing that Lin Juexiao moved his hand away as if he had touched a hot potato, Zhou Jinye pressed down the corners of his lips, which were originally not obvious. .

    He did so well in the test, but he didn't show any excitement, instead he said "um" gloomily.

    Lin Juexiao touched his nose and asked, "I'm not happy with the 625 test?"

    "You know why I'm not happy." Zhou Jinye's voice was low and deep, he looked at Lin Juexiao and repeated it, "You know Yes ."

    Lin Juexiao took a few steps back, and his hand almost knocked over the fruit bowl on the corner of the table.

    Of course he knew what Zhou Jinye was not happy about. Lin Juexiao's eyelids drooped and he couldn't help avoiding Zhou Jinye's gaze.

    Zhou Jinye's pupils were too dark and too bright, like a thick cloud, but there was a light that wiped away the clouds and covered the fog.

    When he looked at a person seriously, there was only that person left in his eyes.

    Inexplicably, Lin Juexiao felt as if he was surrounded by Zhou Jinye in a territory. As he stepped on it, his field of vision narrowed and he could only see Zhou Jinye.


    Juexiao." At this time, Zhou Jinye didn't call him "brother" anymore. Every time he called him by his first name and surname, Lin Juexiao always felt that Zhou Jinye seemed to be a different person.

    Zhou Jinye carefully touched his finger on the corner of the table with his finger. He didn't continue to talk about the topic just now, "Tomorrow is Yujun's coming-of-age ceremony, can you come with me?"

    Yujun's custom is The graduation certificate is issued the day after the results of the college entrance examination are issued, and by the way, a simple and simple coming-of-age ceremony will be given to the senior three students.

    This kind of activity is optional, but most students will participate, after all, it is also an important day.

    But according to Zhou Jinye's character, he is more like the group that doesn't participate.

    Lin Juexiao came back to his senses, his fingers on the corner of the table shrank and hid behind him.

    He used to be a student of Yujun, and naturally he also participated in Yujun's coming-of-age ceremony. Almost all students and parents will be present.

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