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Because a lot of treasures responded with many typos and bad sentences, I reflected on it. The previous text has been proofread. When she helps me proofread the previous text, I can proofread it synchronously, so as to make everyone's reading experience as comfortable as possible. Sorry for the too casual writing. .

    At noon, Lin Juexiao went to work after eating. Zhou Jinye sat alone in front of the computer to fill in the application form. On his desk, there were two thick guide books for filling out the application form, which were issued by the school.

    Zhou Jinye casually flipped through a book and flipped to the N major page skillfully. He glanced down at the school code, then typed it on the keyboard without hesitation and put it in the first choice, and then put it in the major column at the back. Filled in Architecture.

    According to his score, N should be stable, but Zhou Jinye hesitated, and picked up the volunteer book that was used as a display.

    His goal was clear. First, he wrote down the schools in Ningcheng, then arranged the scores from top to bottom and filled them in.

    He had no psychological burden, and pressed the confirmation button coldly.

    The WeChat notification sound hanging on the computer screamed wildly, like a convulsion, Zhou Jinye simply turned off the mute, and then clicked on the message list.

    No need to guess, Zhou Jinye knows who is so annoying.

    [Wang Lei]: I rely on it! Are you really studying hard?

    [Wang Lei]: Really awesome! elder brother!

    [Wang Lei]: You are the first time I have seen someone who has given so many points! !

    [Wang Lei]: Brother Ye Zi, which school did you go to?

    [Wang Lei]: You like that brother of yours, this score must go to N major, right?

    [Wang Lei]: Although I can't get into N University, I'll come to Ningcheng to accompany you! !

    What Wang Lei is best at is talking to himself, and Zhou Jinye can swipe a lot of screens by himself without giving him a response.

    Because he was in a good mood, Zhou Jinye hooked his lower lip briefly and replied to Wang Lei's news.

    【Z】: OK.

    【Z】: I invite you to dinner.

    Wang Lei was too lazy to send a message, so he made a WeChat call, his voice was full of energy and beaming: "Congratulations! I told my mother yesterday how much you scored in the test, and my mother was so surprised that she couldn't even close her mouth. Go!"

    "She said that you will come to my house for dinner when you have time." Wang Lei sighed, "I'm also considered an exceptional performer, but my mother stopped complimenting me after hearing your score."

    His tone sounded like It seems to be complaining, but in fact Wang Lei is really happy for Zhou Jinye.

    Zhou Jinye said, "Tell my auntie that I'll be back when I'm free."

    "Okay! My mother has always liked you very much." Wang Lei said sourly, "You're just like her eldest son."

    "Forget it. Zhou Jinye said lightly, "I prefer you to be my eldest son."

    Wang Lei roared, "Go away!"

    Zhou Jinye's mouth was so unpleasant that he wanted to find him, and Wang Lei deliberately asked, "How is it?" , did you catch someone?"

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