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It should be very painful before the dog dies, but just let Jue Xiao's little baby go away quietly!

    The flat state is getting worse and worse, and the dog's appetite before death will decline more and more severely. It can't eat anything, but every time it opens its mouth under Lin Juexiao's gaze and swallows tiredly.

    Lin Juexiao was reluctant to leave, and it was reluctant to leave Lin Juexiao.

    He said he wanted to accompany Pingping, so he simply asked for leave to stay at home. There was obviously one more person in the house, but he was more depressed than usual.

    Lin Juexiao didn't talk much, he always lowered his head with half-closed eyes. The warm light shone on his white neck, naturally revealing his fragility.

    He asked Zhou Jinye to take a lot of photos.

    Every time he took pictures, he would put his arms around his flat neck and lean against it very intimately.

    His eyes were a little swollen, but he would still bend his eyes and stand next to Ping Ping.

    But the thing that worried Lin Juexiao the most still happened - back to the light.

    He slept very lightly these days, and he slept with Ping Ping every day. Ping Ping slept with him when he was still young.

    Lin Juexiao would always wake up frequently in the middle of the night, and then reached out to touch the temperature around him, until he felt that warmth, he felt at ease.

    His mental state was also not very good, and Zhou Jinye was even more worried about him.

    When Pingping had the energy to eat again, Lin Juexiao's heart was half cold. He knew that Pingping's journey in the world was about to end.

    Lin Juexiao squeezed its palm and walked downstairs with it and Zhou Jinye, with dark circles under his eyes, he said to Zhou Jinye with a forced smile: "Help me hold it in the co-pilot, I Take it home."

    Zhou Jinye agreed, he was sitting in the co-pilot holding Ping Ping, the golden retriever was very well behaved and did not struggle in his arms.

    In order to take care of Pingping, Lin Juexiao adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner very high.

    His palms stroked his flat head one by one, Zhou Jinye would not comfort others, he could only accompany Lin Juexiao quietly.

    Zhang Huiying and Lin Guoyuan stood downstairs waiting for them, their expressions also sad. Seeing the familiar car, Zhang Huiying trotted over and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. She touched Pingping's head and coaxed in a low voice, "We are going home in Pingping.

    " Go upstairs.

    Returning to the environment where he stayed for more than ten years, Pingping stood up suddenly, wagging his tail and wandering around the corners of the room.

    It picked up an old ball from under the sofa, held it in its mouth, and spat it into Lin Juexiao's palm.

    "This ball seems to have been bought for a long time." Zhang Huiying's nose became more sour, and she said to Zhou Jinye, "Pingping was brought back by his father from a friend's house when Jue Xiao was a child. It's been so many years."

    She sobbed a few times: "I can't remember."

    Lin Juexiao stayed at home with Pingping for a day, and finally was about to leave. He said, "I'm going to take it to the pet hospital."

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