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quack quack does

    he have a little heartbeat?

    Lin Juexiao didn't figure it out until after get off work. He casually climbed the stairs to the apartment, carrying a clean lunch box in his hand, ready to wash the lunch box later.

    He unlocked the password door and found that something was missing in the room - Zhou Jinye was not on the sofa, and the lights in the living room were dim.

    Lin Juexiao put the lunch box on the shoe cabinet beside him, reached out and turned on the light in the living room, and the big light bulb hanging from the ceiling came on.

    The living room was empty, but the dog food and cat food in the automatic food storage machine were filled up, and even the water basin beside it was carefully filled with water.

    Lin Juexiao put on slippers and walked a few steps into the house.

    He stood at the door of Zhou Jinye's room, cleared his throat for a long time, raised his hand and put it down, and did not dare to knock on the door.

    At this point, Zhou Jinye was either sitting on the sofa waiting for him, or he was cooking in the kitchen with a pink apron on his face.

    Lin Juexiao thought for a while, then ran to the kitchen to take a look.

    The range hood has traces of use, but the edges of the stove have been wiped clean.

    A strange thought flashed in his mind - Zhou Jinye didn't run away from home, right?

    Lin Juexiao turned around and found that there was something on the table for eating. The stainless steel table cover covered it tightly and seamlessly, and there seemed to be a note pressed under it.

    He walked over quickly, pulled out a note and glanced at it.

    ——"Zhou Yuchen came back and asked me to go out to eat. I left some food at home. If you come back late, warm it up."

    Lin Juexiao read the note several times, and whispered, "Why didn't you post it? Tell me the news?"

    He took out his phone and clicked on the message list, but Lin Juexiao didn't know who to contact.

    The days always passed by unexpectedly. When he called Zhou Yuchen at that time, Zhou Yuchen said that he would not be back until a month later.

    In the blink of an eye, the agreed deadline has passed.

    At first, he asked Zhou Jinye to follow Zhou Yuchen, and now this seems to be the most appropriate method.

    Lin Juexiao told himself in his heart, that's fine, they are brothers, let Zhou Jinye go back with Zhou Yuchen.

    The food on the table was still hot, so Lin Juexiao sat down and took a few bites before closing the table cover again.

    He lay back on the sofa, which was Zhou Jinye's favorite position, and the three well-fed children also came over.

    Kangkang is the youngest, the most clingy and the one who loves to act like a spoiled child, but Kangkang usually prefers to curl up beside Zhou Jinye.

    Lin Juexiao imitated Zhou Jinye, stretched out his fingers to tease it, and was gently licked by it.     He took Kangkang's paw, squeezed it in his hand, and asked in a low voice, "Are you willing to give up Zhou Jinye?" The kitten couldn't understand what he said, so she could only say

    "meow-- "


    It is probably reluctant to bear, it is considered Zhou Jinye to feed him, and he likes to stay by Zhou Jinye's side.

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