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    Zhou Yuchen is a few months older than Lin Juexiao. When he was studying, Zhou Yuchen always wanted him to call him brother.

    Lin Juexiao usually seems to be very talkative, but at this time Zhou Yuchen's coercion is useless, Lin Juexiao just doesn't want to let go.

    There are still ten minutes before going to work, and Lin Juexiao feels that it is necessary for him to explain this matter now.

    Zhou Yuchen has been on vacation for the past few days, lying at home every day to take a look. When she saw the news of Lin Juexiao, her pupils shrank, and she couldn't tell whether it was because of shock or surprise.

    [Zhou Yuchen]: ? ? ? ?

    [Zhou Yuchen]: So what are you doing all of a sudden?

    Zhou Yuchen vaguely felt that something was wrong. He jumped up from the sofa and made a phone call: "Did you take the wrong medicine today?"

    "No." , "There's something I want to tell you." Zhou Yuchen breathed a

    sigh of relief: "Speak."

    He flicked his legs lazily, thinking casually that someone as reliable as Lin Juexiao might not be. what a big deal.

    Lin Juexiao's voice was hesitant: "Yuchen..."

    Zhou Yuchen held the remote control in his hand, stared attentively at the large screen projected by the projector, and absently said "um".

    "I said... I said..." Lin Juexiao got stuck even more seriously, he took a deep breath, and finished saying, "What if I'm with Jinye?"

    "What's the matter? ?"

    Zhou Yuchen hadn't reacted at first, but after a few seconds, his thigh jumped violently, like a cramp.

    With his head close to the microphone, he couldn't help shouting, "Am I right?"

    "You!? Zhou Jinye?! You guys!?"

    Zhou Yuchen's voice was raised a little bit, Lin Juexiao couldn't see his expression, but he could guess his expression now.

    He touched his nose, and said with some guilt: "Well, we."

    "Fuck!" Zhou Yuchen's breathing was heavy, he covered his heart and fell on the sofa, "You let me calm down first."

    Zhou Yuchen accepted the reality His ability was fairly fast. After his chest heaved violently several times, he sighed heavily, rubbed his head and asked, "What's the matter with the two of you?"

    "It's a long story, I'll tell you in detail next time. Lin Juexiao paused for a moment, then he added, "I liked him first, so it's none of Zhou Jinye's business."

    Zhou Yuchen's tone was helpless: "I can't control him, even though I'm his relative ." Brother, but he was not brought up by me, of course I can't control who he wants to be with."

    But Zhou Yuchen would never believe what Lin Juexiao said, he and Lin Juexiao had known each other for so many years, and knew that What kind of temperament is Xiao.

    Zhou Yuchen instantly recalled the phone call Lin Juexiao called him a month ago.

    "Fuck!" Zhou Yuchen scolded in a low voice.

    In his mind, he replayed the relationship between Lin Juexiao and Zhou Jinye, and compared the difference between Zhou Jinye's treatment of him and Lin Juexiao.

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