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    The end of July is Lin Juexiao's birthday. He's been so busy lately that he even forgot his own birthday.

    But the night before Lin Juexiao's birthday, he vaguely felt that Zhou Jinye was not quite right today. Usually Zhou Jinye stayed at his house until ten o'clock at the latest. Now the clock on the wall has passed ten o'clock, but Zhou Jinye is still it's here.

    Lin Juexiao looked up at the clock and asked curiously, "What time are you going back tonight?"

    "..." Zhou Jinye pursed his lower lip and said, "I'll stay for a while."

    He wanted to wait, and Lin Juexiao also No comments, he was replying to a pet owner's message, but when he lifted it up, he found that Zhou Jinye suddenly had a DSLR on his neck.

    Lin Juexiao opened his eyes slightly and asked, "When did you take it down?"

    "Just now." Zhou Jinye raised his DSLR and asked, "Can I take a picture for you?"

    Lin Juexiao smiled and said. : "What day is today?"

    ... Today is not a day, but tomorrow is your birthday.

    Zhou Jinye almost blurted out these words, and he barely held back because he wanted to surprise Lin Juexiao.

    He really didn't understand, how did Lin Juexiao forget his birthday?

    "Where to take pictures?" Lin Juexiao asked, "Is it right here?"

    Zhou Jinye raised his DSLR and took several shots before Lin Juexiao could react. .     Lin Juexiao

    was unprepared at all, and his expression management was extremely bad. He laughed angrily and rushed over to grab Zhou Jinye's SLR: "What are you doing!?"

Lin Juexiao looked.

    Lin Juexiao is on camera, and it won't look ugly no matter how you take it.

    Zhou Jinye was afraid that Lin Juexiao would delete the photo, so he just showed it to him from a distance, and pressed the button for the next one.

    There was a three-point smile at the corner of his mouth, and he turned his head to look at the camera. The closer he got, the delicate and soft facial features were illuminated by the camera in all directions.

    Zhou Jinye took advantage of the opportunity to sneak a kiss on Lin Juexiao's cheek and said, "It's very beautiful."

    He took Lin Juexiao's hand and shook it again, "Can we go outside and take a few more pictures, the moon tonight is very beautiful. "

    Lin Juexiao nodded and followed him outside.

    The moonlight on the balcony is as beautiful as Zhou Jinye said, like a fairy's weaving yarn, spread over the vast land.

    The moonlight is gentle, and Lin Juexiao under the moonlight is even more so.

    Zhou Jinye took a few steps back, which would allow Lin Juexiao to appear in the camera more. He adjusted the camera, and his tone subconsciously slowed down: "Smile."

    He said this, and he couldn't help laughing. come out.

    When Zhou Jinye laughed, he would only slightly lift his lips, revealing his clean white teeth.

    Lin Juexiao also laughed.

    "Crack—" The

    camera snapped, and the photo was frozen at this moment.

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