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    Zhou Jinye put a plain ring on his finger, a silver circle, which fits firmly on his finger, like a small ring. The animal's teeth gnawed at the ring of fingers.

    The ring is not completely cold, and I don't know how long it has been held in the palm of Zhou Jinye's hand. The ring with no temperature is stained with Zhou Jinye's body temperature. Finally, through such a simple action, the alternating hot and cold temperature is transmitted to the person. Lin Juexiao.

    After Zhou Jinye said "Happy Birthday", he hugged Lin Juexiao even tighter. The dim light always made the atmosphere ambiguous and moving.

    It was only at this time that Lin Juexiao reacted: "Today is my birthday?"

    He didn't expect that he would forget his own birthday, but Zhou Jinye still remembered it in his heart.

    Zhou Jinye's lips brushed against his ear, and he said "um" from his nasal cavity, and said in a low voice, "I will celebrate your birthday for you."

    This time it was his turn to celebrate Lin Juexiao's birthday.

    Lin Juexiao had never worn a ring, and when such an extra thing appeared on his finger, he subconsciously couldn't help reaching out and rubbing it.

    It was only at this time that he regained his senses and asked, "Is this a birthday present for me?"

    Zhou Jinye's lips became more and more dry, he licked his lips, and whispered "um" again. He rubbed his chin on Lin Juexiao's hair and asked nervously, "Would you like it?" After     a

    pause, he asked again, "Will it fit?"

It's like it belongs to Lin Juexiao.

    Lin Juexiao raised his eyebrows in surprise and asked, "How do you know my finger circumference?"

    Zhou Jinye grabbed Lin Juexiao's hand and squeezed his fingers contentedly. His fingertips touched Lin Juexiao's fingers. The joints stopped on the ring.

    The silver ring is very suitable for Lin Juexiao's white fingers, Zhou Jinye suddenly raised his hand, circled his thumb and index finger, and gestured to Lin Juexiao's eyes to show him.

    He was holding Lin Juexiao from behind, and said with a chuckle, "You were taking a nap in the consultation room a few days ago. I secretly measured it."

    Lin Juexiao's birthday has long been in his heart, and Zhou Jinye has He started thinking about what to send before, but the time was getting closer, but he still had no idea.

    Zhou Jinye was so anxious that he wanted to directly steal Lin Juexiao's mobile phone to look at his shopping cart.

    But on that day, when Zhou Jinye entered Lin Juexiao's consultation room, he happened to meet him taking a nap.

    Lin Juexiao likes to sleep on his stomach, his head is buried in his arms, and one hand hangs down naturally, Zhou Jinye's eyes are on his hand the first moment he comes in.

    At that moment, Zhou Jinye instantly understood what he should give Lin Juexiao - he wanted to give him a ring.

    The air conditioner in the room was very cold. Zhou Jinye first carefully raised the temperature, then quietly picked up the white coat that Lin Juexiao was hanging on the arm of the chair, and put it on Lin Juexiao's body.

    After doing all this, Zhou Jinye held his breath and squatted down.

    There was nothing handy around him, Zhou Jinye looked around the circle, took a mask, used the strap of the mask to gently go around Lin Juexiao's fingers, and left a mark on it with a marker.

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