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  I'm guilty. I watched the game too seriously. When I looked up, it was almost ten o'clock! ! ! !

    The connivance was condoned, Lin Juexiao didn't say anything, just continued to draw a few pieces of paper to wipe his fingers clean. As soon as he turned around, he saw Zhou Jinye's red ears.

    Sweat was still hanging from the tip of his nose, and there was still lust in his eyes.

    Lin Juexiao turned his head stiffly - why is this the case?

    He had just made a promise with Zhou Yuchen on his front foot, saying that Zhou Jinye was only eighteen years old, and his back foot did such an outrageous thing inexplicably.

    Lin Juexiao's head started to hurt.

    Zhou Jinye's breathing gradually stabilized, but his ears became more and more red.

    Lin Juexiao couldn't help but ask, "Why are you so shy now?" Why did you just go?

    Zhou Jinye licked his lips subconsciously, knowing that he was wrong, and hugged Lin Juexiao silently.

    He blinked his eyes slowly and said in a low voice, "You promised it all."

    "What do you mean?" Lin Juexiao laughed, but was not angry, "Do you mean to blame me for being too good to you?"

    Zhou Jinye said: "No wonder."

    He kissed Lin Juexiao on the cheek, Zhou Jinye became more clingy, rubbed his ear and said, "Can you always be so kind to me?"

    Lin Juexiao said warmly : "Okay."

    Lin Juexiao has never been in a relationship, and when he falls in love, he is still a boy several years younger than himself. He used to treat Zhou Jinye as his younger brother, but now he wants to be nice to Zhou Jinye even more.

    What's more, Zhou Jinye is also very good to him, and the two of them have always paid in both directions.

    Lin Juexiao looked up at the clock and said, "It's very late, it's almost time, why don't you go back?"

    "I don't want to go back." Zhou Jinye said sullenly.

    Having said that, he still stood up from the blanket, and finally kissed Lin

    Juexiao on the forehead and said, "Then I'll go up." Zhou Jinye stood at the door of the house, touched his pocket, and his expression became uneasy . Believe it, he touched it several times before finally accepting the reality.

    The door upstairs has not been replaced with a combination lock, which is still the most old-fashioned kind of key lock, but now - Zhou Jinye has forgotten the key at home.

    Zhou Jinye walked back to politeness with a blank face, and out of politeness, Zhou Jinye rang the doorbell.

    Lin Juexiao's face quickly appeared in front of his eyes and asked, "Why did you come back, did you forget something?"

    "..." Zhou Jinye bit his head and said, "I forgot my key and can't get in."

    Lin Juexiao's eyes widened slightly, and he asked with a half-smile, "Really forgot or fake?"


    For Zhou Jinye now, this feeling is like jumping into the Yellow River and can't wash it out. He really forgot his key, but he was inexplicably lacking in confidence: "I really forgot."

    Lin Juexiao let him in and said, "Come in."

    He asked, "Have you taken a shower?"

    Zhou Jinye said: "I washed it."

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