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Good for you! Zhou Jinye!

    Lin Juexiao subconsciously covered the phone receiver, but it was too late, Zhang Huiying's voice came over - "Juexiao, do you sleep with others?"

    Zhou Jinye was leaning on Lin Juexiao's side, his head was He almost squeezed onto Lin Juexiao's pillow, of course he could hear the phone call.

    He also woke up suddenly, Zhang Huiying's voice was better than pouring cold water on her head, and it was more refreshing.

    Zhou Jinye held his breath, not even breathing.

    He had seen Zhang Huiying, and with the tone in which he spoke to Lin Juexiao, Zhou Jinye could think of who was calling with his toes.

    Zhou Jinye knew that he was in trouble, so he only dared to stare at Lin Juexiao with a guilty conscience.

    Lin Juexiao is now one big and two big. He first waved at Zhou Jinye soothingly, and then pretended to be calm and said: "Well, it's Jinye, he came over to give me gifts last night. Then it was already dark by then. , I didn't feel relieved when he went back alone, so I left him at home."

    He didn't have time to ponder whether there was any logical problem in this sentence, so he only dared to go down with a tingling scalp: "The quilt in the living room is useless. Well , anyway, we two big men slept together."

    "Jin Ye?" Zhang Huiying was not too suspicious, "Then come out first and open the door for me and your father."

    Lin Juexiao finally breathed a sigh of relief. : "Okay."

    He looked down at him and Zhou Jinye. Fortunately, their clothes were still neat.

    Lin Juexiao panicked to death himself, and even raised his spirits to comfort Zhou Jinye: "Don't panic, my mother doesn't know."

    "I'll open the door for my mother first." Lin Juexiao got out of bed and put on slippers, "You'll come back later. Come out, don't be afraid, just like before."

    Having said that, Lin Juexiao stood at the door and adjusted his breathing for a long time before opening the door.

    Holding the corners of his lips, he smiled at Zhang Huiying and Lin Guoyuan, and shouted, "Dad, Mom, why are you here?"

    He was ready to come out, but he didn't want to come out in this scene, it was too exciting and life-threatening.

    Zhang Huiying walked in and said, "I'm here to celebrate your birthday, I'm afraid you won't have a good birthday at home alone."

    "Don't worry, we'll accompany you to have lunch and leave. You and Yuchen and the others will play in the evening. That 's alright."

    She looked into the room and asked, "Where's Jinye?"

    Lin Juexiao's heart beat uncontrollably, he coughed and said, "He just woke up, he will come out later. He took the

    vegetables that Lin Guoyuan bought first, and said in a hurry: "You sit first, sit first."

    Zhang Huiying walked to the sofa, but raised her eyebrows in surprise, she pointed to the guitar leaning against the sofa and asked : "Jue Xiao, do you have your guitar?"

    "No." Lin Jue Xiao reflexively denied it, then hurriedly ran over.

    The scene last night was so chaotic that the guitar hadn't even been put into the bag. Lin Juexiao hugged the guitar and stuffed it into the bag, explaining: "Jin Ye, he brought it over yesterday."

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